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Dator Mortis
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Ragdoll - back the the roots
I am proposing a new function to the game.

We all know the ragdoll games where you can drag and throw the doll, or where you put a force behing the tori and push it down the stairs... Its a great time killer

I was thinking that something like this is uber easy to implement into toribash. A new way of single player thing to do. Actually 2.

1. Where you drag and throw tori, smash into walls and torture the poor fellow (developing weapons etc, like in thouse type of games for this sp mode)

2. Push the tori from a single point with a certain force. Here modmaking and the point system comes into play. This could generate events, records, replays, mods, etc

I think its super easy to make and very beneficial and entertaining and it will be the best game of this kinds existing, since toribash is already this developed.

More people would download this just to kill time and maybe get hooked to the regular toribash. Making it androind compatible with app while still being connected to the highscores and ranks and can download any mods lke pc user and beeing in the same database (idk if i explained this properly)
It would be succesfull no doubt.

I am sure many people stumbled upon tb wile playing some ragdoll related game. At least i did.
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You can already do this with mod making.
But what's your idea which makes it more fun?
It has to be easier to do. < I'm guessing this is your idea.
That's what you should be explaining. and why it's worth the time to be implemented.
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It's a good idea but it could be another game than an option of the game himself, i'll hice a try if it gets released to phone/PC, but i doubt it, i guess the devs are doing a hard job with tb Next rn

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Dator Mortis
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It's lots of fun.
We have the mechanics so why not make this a feature. Mote content.
Highscores, ranking, world records. Maybe perks you can buy with tc.
Game within game.
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I'm not sure how well this would work with Toribash in its current state but Unity might change that.

For anyone who is lazy:
1st suggestion: a ragdoll that you are able to drag.
2nd suggestion: dismount ragdoll type of thing.

I don't know what Hampa is planning with tb next but I don't think something like this is in priority.
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