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Marketing 101
Hello there, i am Tempest, i make around 30-50k every day from marketing. I have been marketing on and off for a few years and now i own loads of items and tc. This small article on marketing is brought to the public for free by yours truly, Tempest.

[Introduction to marketing]
All new players start off with no tc and it takes a while to make tc starting from the beginning when you are lacking in skill and/or time in game. New players can start marketing at 100tc easily, only 10 matches into the game. In most cases items are sold for -50% or lower torishop price, a easy start is to buy tier 1 items on the market when they can be found for 20-30% lower than the nearest price for the same item on the market, then resell for any amount lower than the current lowest price and above what you bought the item for. Orc, Gladiator, Aqua, 128 head textures, lowest hair items for example are a good place to start with this strategy.

Most items if marketed properly at low tier will sell within a week and you will start bringing in profit to your account. Once TC starts rolling into your account from the market, repeat the strategy until you feel comfortable and have the financial backing to move up to tier 2 and/or tier 3 items as well as 128x128 body parts.

At this phase you can be considered a novice marketeer and have a continuous income of tc coming to your account, have fun moving up step by step until you can buy everything! mwahahahaha!

[Introduction to the items thread]
The items thread that can be found on the toribash index page is also a very popular method of marketing. Specific items are often haggled and sold on the items thread, it is also a easy way to find a cheaper price for a specific item that you could find on the market. Some players also use the items thread to sell a large amount of items in bulk for discounted prices. Shops are often a easy place to sell items fast other than posting in market, more often than not players will be open to negotiating for a price that benifits both parties.

Every so often players will decide to take a break from Toribash and sell their inventories for USD. Most players who sell for USD expect to be payed through PayPal. Different players will have different things to sell so the easiest way to judge wheather it is a good deal or not is to use the current USD to TC ratio, as of making this tutorial on marketing the ration is 1USD for every 15k TC. From there you can check prices on market or past experience to determine if its a deal that you can profit from in the long run.

Often people can be found selling a item looking for tc. Sometimes they will have "Will accept overpay in items", what this means is that they will accept the trade if you offer items that are above in value to the TC amount the seller is looking for.

[Auctioning Items]
When making a auction you must follow all auctioning rules. The best way to start getting bids on a item you are selling is to put the minimum bid as 10-30% lower than market price depending on the rarity of the item. AutoBuy should be set to at least market price and if it cannot be found reasonably on market then set it as a minimum of double the Minimum bid.

Shops can be found commonly in the items section of forums, shops are typically a easy method of selling items quickly. Unfortunately in most cases, selling fast comes with a consequence. Shops should not be the first place you request a offer on a rare or expensive item because most of the time you will receive offers that are less than what you want to get. Owning a shop thread comes with the responsibility of either checking it regularly, or closing it so that a dead thread isn't being bumped. With daily attention to a shop thread you own it is mostly straight forward with making profit, buy then sell for a little higher, sometimes you can get really fortunate and get a good deal on a rare or popular item and have a high profit when you resell.

[Have questions or need help?]
I regularly check forums all through the day, need any help selling or needing a price feel free to pm me and i will do my best to assist free of charge!
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