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Old Mar 18, 2017   #271
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I just don't understand that last twist walljump spin or whatever the fuck it is.

Nutty shit, Pretty good running with minor twitches. A fun route you chose aswell. Gj
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Old May 16, 2019   #272
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hi yall
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the opener (the bad part):
in the first spin ur knee looked twitchy bc of the extending/contracting fast
maybe u could have lowered ur left arm after the first spin?
the setup for the second spin looked pretty awkard tho
the second sping was decent.
now the manip (the good part):
the start was good. nothing wrong with it
it look like u messed up a little after that but you did well fixing it
the dms part was good
overall its a pretty good replay but maybe try doing more creative stuff?
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legit speechless
i cant even do manips so this seems amaizing
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Old May 16, 2019   #275
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How dare you Dezrai
You make me wanna make a replay now ;-;
i dont wanna leave the rustndust corner but now i have too....
well done.. u doomed us all.
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Old May 17, 2019   #276
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OMG, The God is Back. Hot stuff like always, spire replay kinda reminds me a little bit of swexx and Large. Great Manip and DMs
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Old May 18, 2019   #277
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damn ok.
you just gonna, just gonna do a manip mm.
i mean it was alright, pretty good booms n' dms.

i just want some creative type shit but this be gud enouf
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Old May 19, 2019   #278
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i mean.
damn dude. like.
that was a solid ass replay.
some minor mistakes in the mix but thats fine for me.
fuck you're still insane.
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