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Sponsored events and custom 3D prizes

The Event Squad is willing and able to help get your great events off the ground for free! all you need is what's on the list below.

- An original event idea with a clear goal
- Clearly stated deadline
- Clearly stated rules

The team will provide assistance by:

- providing advertisement by way of banner/sticking the event thread fit all to see.
- providing shiai token items along with the prizes you provide.
- insight and advice in building/launching events.

3D item prizes and Itemforger sponsorship
If you would like to have a new/custom 3D item object prize for your event as made by the Item Forgers then you will need to first get sponsorship from the Event Squad through this system. Upon getting your event sponsored the ES will discuss with the Item Forgers about this being a possibility. This is at the discretion of the ES/IF team but criteria will more or less be based on the size/caliber of the event and how achievable the prize item you would like will be to make.
If your event is great but the item won't be doable then we may contact you to discuss alternatives.
As part of this system you also agree that the item made for the event is nothing more than a prize and the item can and probably will be sold in the torishop following the event.

Please pm any member of the ES team with all of this information for your event to be voted upon and possibly launched! We look forward to your submissions everyone.

New tutorial on how you should present your event -
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I have an idea, how about a tourney where the top players from "official" clans face off against players from "unofficial" clans. Just and idea, feel free to expand.
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Originally Posted by 1Tap View Post
I have an idea, how about a tourney where the top players from "official" clans face off against players from "unofficial" clans. Just and idea, feel free to expand.

I reckon the "Top Player" Idea could cause clan hate over who is chosen which could cause future problems for clans which participate :l
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Originally Posted by 1Tap View Post
I have an idea, how about a tourney where the top players from "official" clans face off against players from "unofficial" clans. Just and idea, feel free to expand.

Yeah, we have a thing, it's called clan league. Unless you mean a different type event.
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It would be awesome to resurrect the event the gods visage item was made for and with the advancements in weapon modding recently (mobility etc) and the right modmakers it could be an awesome event if done right and it would be a chance to use that item as the prize without the need to make another
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What about an event for mod makers?

Like theres multiple compitetions in mod

Parkour mod

Striking mod

Grappling mod

Dq mod

Multiple mod makers or anyone who can make mods can participate expand this if you think its a good idea (i dont know if theres ever been an event like this so sorry if there already is)
I just saw they will provide prizes i was thinking if some shiai tokens for the first plsce kf each mod and there would be a popularity contest not just from on genre of a mod but all mods (not sure if its a good idea)
So yeah prizes would be some shiai tokens
And a custom mod maker in game symbol (if possible)
Alright heres a better idea instead lol
Instead of multiple mods just make a poll or a popularity contest as to what kind of mod should be made most popular mod becoms the event
So this is just basically a mod making popularity contest

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Host an 64 unofficial clan tournament bracket or how ever many people join. First to 13 wins, no player can play more than 3 games. It would be set up like cl but for unofficial clans. Winner becomes official no questions asked.
Just saying because 7 clans are dying this year

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What about "Aikido Lovers"?
  • 32 slots
  • 8 vip players (good aikido players who has a safe slot, if they don't show interest then the slot is free for more ppl)
  • entry cost 5k (5.000 x 32 = 160.000 + 40.000 from me = 200k on prices)
  • normal elimination until u get 4 finalists
  • when u get 4 finalists they won 2 ST each one (for reaching this part)
  • Those 4 finalists will do a best of 3 (first to 2) all together*
  • If 4 players win the best of 3, then it's 50k for each one, if 3 players win,
    it's 66k for each one, if 2 players win, prizes are 100k each, if 1 win it's 200k for him. (parting the prize according the number of winners)
  • Bonus prize (2 ST), for the best real aikido replay (i'll ask someone from TA to judge). For this, every player will choose ONE replay from all his tourney's fights to be judged. (we will see: control, technique, fluenty & realism)
  • mod = aikido7.tbm
  • 3 days to fight



Only thing needed are 10 Shiai tokens (2 each of the 4 finalists = 8 + 2 for the bonus) then i do everything
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You guys should host a modmaking Tourney. Similar to the head texture tourney but for mods. Get clans to sign up and each clan that signed up has to make a mod to a individual theme.
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We already did that, it wasnt very well received

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Hey this is my event

It's a sort of ladder system with duel and bet like mechanics, just read through it.

So far i have no prizes for the top ranked people yet but i was thinking of adding a monthly or bi monthly prize for the top 3. The thing is i do it all for free and I'm not rich so doubt that i could spend 15 or so € a month on a toribash event, which is why i want to ask the ES if its possible to sponsor my event with ST for the top players each month. I would really appreciate it.

Also is it still possible to buy a banner for the forums or did you remove that?
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