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Tcg games
Henlo guys, so the thing is I really like trading card games and stuff but I either can't find new ones or the ones I do find have a seriously low player base that makes it less fun. I want to know some good tcg games that have a decent sized playerbase.

oh yeh no hearthstone thx
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There's Gwent, if you're into The Witcher (even if you're not, it's still a good game)
Shadowverse you might wanna try
MTG Arena is also good, lots of Hearthstone players went there when they're tired of nerfs
Hearthstone has a nice playerbase and the meta is p good right now

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Shadowverse plays a bit like hearthstone but with sweet waifus.
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does anyone here play duelyst i used to play that an awful lot
it was really fun and the pixel art is top notch
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MTG:A is definitely the best thing you can get that isn't Hearthstone. It's like Hearthstone in the sense that if you aren't buying packs you will have a hard time making meta early on, but once you get into playing the game it's very easy to go infinite in Draft modes (Gaining more than the admission fee and repeat). The game even in the early stages has quests which can get you a few packs daily, and most quests just straight up give packs.

Definitely recommend Magic:Arena, gonna start playing much more when they implement a Friend's List and Private battles.
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