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Old Apr 7, 2018   #641
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2nd Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Taira

A little bit about myself
I'm Jelaun I'm 13 and live in Jamaica. i'm a passionate person when it comes competitive play. i been playing toribash since early 2017 been playing toribash on and off i have just come back from a well needed month break and i'm back to grinding toribash,but at the moment the overall improvements to the game seem pretty sick. Out of game i like to be active with Football.

It all started when the simple citizen Jelaun found out that he could fight. He learned that you could fight your way to fame. Jelaun quickly learned that he would have to work hard if he was to make his mark in the Community of Toribash though, He got crushed time and time again. He fought Black Belts and they ridiculed him. He thought he would never rise. He got beat down until he could get no lower. Then he started to study the ways of fighting. He trained and trained. He finally reached the rank of Brown Belt. He joined a new clan that took him in. He became friends with the people of that clan and became a 2nd Dan . Unfortunately the clan fell apart. He left the clan with sadness in his heart. After some time he joined the clan OPS . He stayed there for some time, but he didn't feel that it was the right clan for him. So Jelaun created a clan of his own with the help of Robbie that lasted for a short time.Robbie felt that he fit in better elsewhere and so Jelaun said goodbye.Jelaun decided to see where the road was destined to lead to and i guess here he is.

What i would like to Achieve before i stop playing video games.

Would like to maintain a relevant status in the toribash community.
Age: 13
GMT: -5 jamaica
im starting to become more active and forums i like browsing so im pretty active on that
Thank you for reading.

past clans: OPS,Volt,FN,Lucidcla,Tron,Venom,Badc

I hope you can take my application into consideration

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PM one of the Leaders for a Reason.

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2nd Dan Black Belt
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Clan: Chivalry

Application for AS

Hello members of [AS] All Stars!

My real name is Jhoony, I am 17 years old, I am from England,My hobbies are sports
And drawing, I also like to spend my time hanging out with friends and chatting,
I am a really nice person irl, I like to talk about bunnys, I have two pet bunnys, They like to eat my fingers which I hate, I feed them some nice carriotaroos ahh...Hi what else do I add umm

Ingame me!

I've been playing since 2017, I am addicted, I like to duel and play in bets, I am really good at Judofrac, abd and greykido, I've only been in one clan nammed Night which I left because its dead, I can also do a bit spar and parkour not really good at it its just meh..

Why do I want to join AS?

I want to be with this awsome community with these kind leaders! I want to help Ya'll grow more! I want to be there whenever someone needs me! I want to help you all to achieve the clan's goals! I want to dance for yall to make yall smile! I want to... k its enough

K thats it thanks for reading! I wish my self best of luck!
See ya later!

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PM one of the Leaders for a reason.

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Old Apr 8, 2018   #643
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2nd Dan Black Belt
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 10
Clan: Taira

Soo I am trying this time let's see how it goes. Alright so I am 13 as said before turning 14 in December.Let me tell you about some of my hobbies, I usually play fortnite on ps4, but since I got suspended for cursing a kid out I have gotten my ps4 taken away. So here we are on toribash lol. I like to jump on my trampoline and do backflips and Stuff. I really like riding bikes and riding wheelies and what not, I am definitely not a pro or anything but I do what I can haha. Let's see... I like watching a lot of anime shows, my favorite anime by far has to be Naruto, I have started watching Boruto but I wish that the storyline would progress a bit quicker than it is but there is nothing I can do about it I guess. My second favorite anime would have to be one punch man, I mean the guy is completely unstoppable, Satima is easily the strongest anime character that has ever been introduced to any of us. My third favorite anime is probably tokyo ghoul, mainly because the storyline so far just keeps you hooked and wanting to come back for more and see what is going to happen next, I am just so anxious to see what is going to happen in season 3, it really sucks that they aren't going to put all the episodes out at once but you can't blame them for doing what brings in the money. What else can I tell you all, I guess my friends are pretty chill we like making a lot of memes and we all get along so that's good. I honestly don't know much more to say about myself so I am gonna move on.

Why I want to Join All Stars?

Well I want to join All Stars because I love it, well what do you mean you love it? Can you be more specific please? Yes... yes I can. I love the people in it, I love the way the name of the clan just rolls off of you tongue, I love the abbreviation, I love the way that I can relate to many of the people in this clan and what they are going through on a daily basis. Video games allow people to come together and talk and joke and meet new people, it opens up a whole new door for people to learn new things and explore and have fun. I have learned a lot from the time that I have been meeting the people and getting know you all in this clan, I still have some that I haven't talked to all that much but for them most part I really enjoy being around you all. It is a super fun and kind environment to be in, usually when any of us are feeling down we can ask for advice or talk to another clan member about what is going on and what I have seen is positive attention towards the question or anything that is asked. I love the jokes that are made, I love the memes, I love everything about this clan. I used to be around a clan similar to this one, it took me a while to get into it but by the time I did I had such a bad reputation that it didn't matter. The clan was Error, I got into it sometime near like november of last year sometime I think, it was dead clan then so I didn't see a point in staying, I was really sad to see all the members and friendships fade away after the first members of Erorr left, it happened one after another and didn't stop till only a few members were left.Error had always had a great friendly environment and I have been looking for that same kind feeling that I had with them. I believe that this clan is very right for me I just hope that you guys decide the same.

My Favorite Things about Toribash

Well my favorite thing about toribash is betting. I absolutely love betting more than anything in toribash, the high stake bets are the most fun bets, it is the most satisfying thing to win a 100k vs 100k, or 200k vs 200k bet. When you see your toricredits go up by so much in an instant is the best feeling ever, it is like an anime girl that is around a boy that she really likes and he finally acknowledges her and she melts inside. Don't get me wrong I like a lot of other things in toribash as well that is just my favorite thing. I used to be big on gambling but it really just got to the point where it was pointless and boring for me, I believe it takes skill to bet to be honest, I know it sounds dumb but if you have been playing this game for long enough you can really determine almost everytime who is gonna win the match only few turn frames in, it doesn't always work out that way but I have gotten pretty good at it if you guys know what I am talking about. When it comes to a match like iRookie vs Natejas then it is really hard to tell before the time is up to bet so you just kind of have to pick one, I don't know why I can predict who is gonna win only a few turn frames in I just know that it works for me. That is why I love high stakes bets so much because it is usually only two good people vs each other and it is really hard for me to predict. Alright onto another thing I love about toribash, I love meeting noobs. I have no clue why but I just love it, sometimes they are surprised how good I am, and other act like I am popular even though they have never seen me once. Then some just don't care lol. The truth is I am far... very far from being close to the best person on toribash. Another thing I like about toribash is all the different mods you are able to choose from, I was playing with nord earlier and we were just playing a lot of different random mods and we had some fun with a few of them. I really like how you can move your tori and realistic gameplay, it is the best thing to watch an amazingly smooth replay of tricking or sparring or just anything else in that ally. One last thing I like about toribash is the competitive part of it, sure I like watching others and playing around, but I also like competing in wars and events. I really enjoy going against really great players that have been playing as long... and longer than me. It gives me a chance to improve at the game everytime I play against someone better than me, and I really enjoy that because I know I am not the best and I love trying to strive to be up at the top with the best.

What do I have to Offer for All Stars

I have alot to offer for this clan if you let me in.I can contribute to wars and help running betting servers.I have tried alot of times and i really hope u let me into this clan.

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PM one of the Leaders for a Reason.

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Hydra07's app
Hi, I'm Hydra07, Black Belt with a few hundred more games to second belt. I am a really good toribash player, I main in aikido, abd, parkour, xspar, and ninjutsu. I have great control over my joints and im able to make unbelievable recoveries in aikido. I am 16 (Male) and I play toribash a lot. I will be ver loyal to the clan and get on any time you guys need me if I can, I basically have a lot of free time to give to you guys and the clan.

Why I want to join -
I have played with a lot of AS members and a lot of them that I played with are very good, Im not saying im better than them Im just saying my skill is close to theirs and I want to be a part of a clan that is in general very skilled.

[All Stars on Top]

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PM one of the Leaders for a Reason.

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3rd Dan Black Belt
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Posts: 43

Apply! All Stars - Bane205

Hi. You probably don't know me but i'm Bane205. You'd usually see me in-game but mostly on forums and trust me. I'm the definition of discord. Some mods I like are Aikido,Big Aikido, Mushu, Xspar, And some Parkours. But really I'm just a simple guy.

What Do You Have To Offer To All Stars?

Well let's see. I'm good at art, I love to make textures for clans, FOR FREE! Most of the time you may see me up 24/7 really it's because i'm always active when i'm in a clan.... just me waiting for a clan war! Don't worry. I'll be by your side, won't ever leave your side. And something else i have to offer to Midnight is... TC! I have 50K tc I just got from selling Nunchucks, Nailbats, and from betting. So some really simple stuff. But then i lost it all from being greedy on betting ;-;.

Why Do You Want To Join All Stars?

I wanna join All Stars cause I have some friends in there. And because I love clans that are calm and peaceful and are willing to thrive through tough situations. This clan reminds me of a clan way back, they were a very good clan. That's why I have a great feeling that this clan will make it to the top. Because you are a good clan in such great comparison, you're probably the only clan that I actually think will destroy just like BadCompany! I also love a clan that has no enemies, this clan makes me wanna contribute making Armbands, and a Clan Showcase of All Stars! This is why I wanna join. I can contribute so much to this clan. I will help you guys in this journey of survival.

Other Clans You've Been IN?

Let's see... I've been in are...
Origins (OS)
ManHunters (MH)
Venomous (Venom, Leader)
Smash (Smash)
BoZ (BioHazard)
Forgotten (FN)
Illusion (Illusion, DEAD)
Kronoloation Clan (Krono,Leader,DEAD)
Feather Clan (Feather,Leader,DEAD)
Midnight (M, Done :O)

Aw man. I know I've been In more but i can't remember. But this is all I have in my memory.

Any Past Life?

Yes. I've had some recent Encounters *cough* erm.. so well back in the day of 2015 I had a very old account. I was Master Belt :I really i had about 2k Tc on it and nothing else. I can't remember the username that's why i have Bane205. All I know is that i wanted to start fresh. And be treated Nicely this time by other people. But some alts i have are. ScreenPick, Hope, and XxVeoxX. Yeah sorry. That's really all i had in my pass life.

Last Information?

Ok, let's just get this straight. I'll break it down for you just in case i didn't say any of this. I'm 14 Years old. I have a Brother 3 Sisters, i live in Central Time US And Canada, In the state of Alabama. And yes you can you can probably guess I live in the USA. I have typing skills. At the age of 11 i typed at 102 WMP and now at the age of 14 i type at 167 WMP, amazing huh? I run Track for right now. I used to play Baseball, (All Star #1) Basketball, and Tennis.

Last Thoughts?

Well i hope that clears up everything for right now. I'm just glad you took the time to read this. But i'm sorry if you didn't like it and probably wasted about 6 minutes of your life. But at least I know I have a chance of joining a good clan . Stay Frosty.

Example Application told me to put -Bane205 For All Stars. So now you know I have read it.

Council Moderated Message:
Denied, Pm one of leaders for reason

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[AS] Application
Hi, I'm Astralword. I'm 14 and live in CA, meaning my GMT is +7.

TL;DR For you people who don't want to read the whole application, just read the final words.

What can I bring to [AS] All Stars
I'm competent and don't need to be continually told to do the same thing over and over. I can bring humor, though not that cringy and forced banter, to the table, and I won't be afraid to speak my mind if I have to. I work well with others, and I'm not easily agitated. I'm an honest man, I tell you what I think, and I won't tell you what you want to hear, but the truth, even if it hurts. I don't quit easily if I get rejected for anything, I learn from my mistakes and bounce back as an even better person. However, I'm not perfect; I occasionally take breaks from the forums and game to do other activities, sometimes too much and minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days.

I have Discord; my tag is Bobby. #0316. If I get accepted, I'll PM my Skype and email to a leader, as I don't want to get spammed on a public thread. I'm fine with leaking my Discord because it's easier to control the flow of spam, as I have to friend the person first to message back and I can easily block the person. I've had previous experiences with spamming, as I mad the mistake of posting my email and Skype on an open thread. I have since then deleted the post, but the damage was already done. I went to school, came back and I had over 100 emails spamming me, telling me I had terrible grammar and I should just quit.

Previous Clans
The first and only clan I was ever in was (BOMB), and I willingly left because it was falling apart from the inside out. However, the clan taught me a valuable lesson in writing applications, as it taught me to have no mistakes and that you should always write to the best of your ability, and never second best. When I first joined (BOMB), I instantly got rejected for an inadequate application and accusations of lying about certain aspects such as age and location. I took the constructive criticism and rewrote the app, double checking it and making sure it had no errors and was completely honest.

Hobbies Outside of Toribash
I play football when I have free time, not competitive, just friendly football with friends. I've never been in competitive football, and I don't plan to. I can't handle stress well, as I can crack under pressure without planning and a small personal pep-talk. When I want to unwind, I just lay outside and listen to my rock music, bands like Coldplay and Walk the Moon. I used to listen to a lot of Fall Out Boy, but I sadly watched their descent from a rock band to a pop-rock band, to just a plain pop band. I still occasionally listen to them, but not as much as I used to. Just a fun fact, I'm trilingual as I can speak English, Spanish and Vietnamese and I'm American, Asian and part African American. I'm like a boiling pot of the most popular races. I can also play the violin, piano/organ and (Alto or Soprano) Recorder.

Mod Choice
I'm a simple man; I like ABD and Judo. I love ABD when I want to have fun, controlled chaos. You can't go too crazy in ABD because there is still a dojo you can get knocked out of. The dismemberment threshold is higher than in Judo, meaning that you can't get lucky dismemberments, but have to precisely plan your strikes to hit the threshold. However, I play Judo as my first few matches of the day because you can go wild without a dojo, but it still teaches you to stay on your feet and not to fall over and get DQ'd.The dismemberment threshold is lower than in ABD, which can make some hilarious, but confusing matches sometimes.

Final Words
So, overall, I'm a tough person who doesn't quit easily, works well with others, and likes ABD and Judo. Outside of Toribash, I play football. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you on the battlefield.

Council Moderated Message:
Accepted, please join our Discord to be properly introduced. PM or DM Mafia, Trestet or Mikes for further help.

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Clan: VII

Hello! Hello! This is my application.
Hello my name is burnincrow, I live in Philippines which makes my GMT/UCT +8
I am a High school student, And I am currently 13 years old and a male individual.

About me
I joined this game in the start of 2017, I have known this game for couple of years since I was 7, I came back due to getting inspired by BinkLawz the creator of MAS himself in the video "BinkLawz the martial artist". I'm a honor student in our school, I focus on my studies really well, but for this month until May I am on a summer vacation. I am also a decent sparrer, recently learning to MAS.

My hobbies outside Toribash
Mostly when I'm not playing toribash I draw digitally and sometimes on paper, I'm actually an anime fan which takes most of my time outside toribash watching anime, I also play Tekken on my PS3. I'm a talkative person, I like to have long conversations with people. I am not that much humorous when it comes to making jokes and any other things that make people laugh or smile.

My likes
I like music, it brings me peace I like acoustic type of music, More of calm and catchy type of music. When it comes to my taste on picking mod I would say Aikidobigdojo.tbm, and Mushu.tbm, although I Like these mods, I'm not that good when it comes on playing competitive against other people on these mods. I also like dogs.

Ways I can communicate
I can be communicated via Discord, my user is: BurninCrow#2313, I can also be communicated by both toribash and it's forums, I am not that much known by other people.

What can I give to [AS]?
I will try my best to improve and help AS, in different ways I possibly can. I will be a good member to the community of the clan for a I am a helpful and honest person. I keep every single word I say.

Why do I want to get in [AS]?
I want to get in [AS] because I want to improve with other people, meet other members and become a better person and player when I'm in a problem. To be in a clan like this is a very special opportunity to me, since the members seems to be very kind and helpful to other players. I'm mentally strong and has high hopes from everyone including from myself. Even if i don't get accepted I will try again and learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for reading this application.
I hope I get accepted.
P.S Burnincrow

Council Moderated Message:
Accepted as Trial
Join the Discord Server if you havent already and message Trestet, Mikes or Mafia to give you the Trials Rank.
HeY B0sS CaN i HaB a TeeCee Plis

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Notifying that we are looking for some fresh blood for the clan!
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Clan: old

[AS] recruitment application
Hello boys and girls of the clan [AS] My name is Algiux and i have come to apply to this fantastic clan!

A bit about me!
So my real name is Algirdas i'm from Lithuania and i'm 14 years old (07-20 is my 15th birthday! ) My countries time zone is EEST. I play this game from 2014 and i take some breaks from time to time. I love dogs (Srsly hide ur dogs cuz ill be screaming to pet your dogs). Most time i spend is on my homework and if its the weekend i spend it on the PC day and night because on weekends i get alot of time for myself. I'm a very communicative person in general and i like to joke alot. Literally anything can make me laugh from the slightest weird sound to a very funny and loud sound you know what they say "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight".

My previous clan!
Previously i was in the clan named (Tank). This clan taught me alot of things although i wasn't in there for a while. This clan offered so much cool stuff that i couldn't let this opportunity out of my hand and i joined it. I had cool friends and i probably will still have these cool friends talk with me <3 (Convict if you see this your a great leader <3)

What i do when i'm not playing toribash or not even playing with my PC!
Every time i don't play on my PC i usually go outside or go to my Box training (I didn't mean folding the boxes, i meant the fighting way). I really like that sport and i don't know what i would do without it. Also i play alot of Soccer which i play it from my childhood and i can really give a beating on that game (Come at me you soccer players of Toribash). When i literally don't have ANYTHING to do like no friends play soccer or the training gets cancled i just go out with my family to the woods and go camping because who the hell doesn't like camping outside and listening to birds whistle into your ears (and yes i'm a heavy sleeper don't judge me)

What mods i prefer and which i don't
The mods that i prefer and play the most are ABD, Boxshu and i don't prefer Lenshu because i literally don't understand how to play it and its very complicated for me.

What i will offer to this fantastic clan!

I will offer you a very good, passionate fighter who really likes to rek some noobs or even pros. I would also help out the people who need the helping hand and no one helps them. If the leader needs me - I'm there for help, if a player(Friend) needs me - i'm there for help aswell.

Why i want to join this clan!
Reason i want to join this clan is cause i really know that i'm not a bad player overall and i really can impress the leaders of [AS]. 2nd reason is that i have alot of well known or popular friends in this clan. And the most main reason why i want to join is that i want to make friends with legends or junior legends.

My "VERY" final words!
So i hope i get accepted to this clan. And if not i will be atleast happy about myself if i get great responses about my hard worked application and a funny sentence from me to Trest <3 (I like your Hat/ Fedora. It turns me on )
Have a nice day everyone!!!

Council Moderated Message:
Accepted! Congrats. Please join our discord if you haven't already
The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.

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Clan: Technique

Hi. My name is Austin but I prefer my in-game name, Quadragnos. I'm 18 years old and I travel a lot and will be living in Tennessee (USA) soon so I'll be in -6 GMT aka Central Time (I visit Florida often though). I have 1691 hours in game according to steam, but I'm only a 4th Dan as of now due to an old account named Bashlord02. I abandoned it because I bought QI when I was somewhat new without realizing that would raise my belt, and I'd rather have earned it and I haven't spent $ in-game since. Some clans I've been in are Raze, Pound, Flawless, Chess, and recently quite a few others that I can't recall. I'm a certified photoshop artist and I know a bit about music, so those are my hobbies. My Favorite mods are Boxshu and ABD but I love to try new things. I'd like to join because the Toribash community has gotten rather small over the years and high ranking clans are the best way I feel that I can stay connected to experienced players and contribute towards the game I fell in love with. AS in particular because they have members who genuinely care about the game such as ConCon or Trestet who I look up to among others. Thankyou for your consideration. ^-^

Council Moderated Message:
Denied. PM a leader for the reason

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