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Originally Posted by Surge View Post
it's hard to know who's gonna go inactive and who isn't; and let's be honest, not many people who are applying to ES are gonna tell them that they're gonna be inactive

Well, this is true, but even after some go inactive they stay in the Es most of the time.
WHy not replace them, when there are tons of active eager players who want to help out?

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Security is an issue. Even though there are a lot of people who do want to help out, there are some who'd use tourney prizes to make profit behind everyone's back instead. Even if they get caught like a day after, the damage will still have been done. This has happened in the past, so when accepting somebody as an ES, they need to be sure they can trust this person.
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Originally Posted by KrisKrafts View Post
I respect that 100%
Also, one thing with Es is there are people who can't be as active as others.
Sometimes Es picks up some players that go inactive, instead of ones they know will stay active.
I say if you can't play the part, then don't. If work takes up all time but an hour why be staff?

Some people get caught up in temporary real-life stuff that affects their activity (whether it be in-game, forum or both) such as vacations, exams, etc.
It's not that they're going inactive without reason
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Proud of staff
I have the feeling that the community is getting active and nice again.
There are many ES & MS hosting!!
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Merged with relevant thread.
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I honestly rate all es 10/10 who even has time to keep to schedule on events that have to be based around you playing and winning a etourney amazing, imagine staff giving up after getting flamed or being biased ( which staff sometimes are but we aren't perfect right Finn? )
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1/10, need prizes that are actually worth competing for (unlike a persian ghost and 2 shiai tokens for winning a tournament) and competitive modifications such as aikidobigdojo instead of gimmicky mods which don't require any still (msds.tbm for example).

The staff that are hosting the ingame events are generally pretty good, just the concept as a whole needs improving.
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