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I Lost My Pants For This Belt
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[Clan Event] The Gauntlet Of Tank
Welcome To The Gauntlet

This is a Clan vs Clan event very similar to that of Clan League. Each Clan must make a roster of who will be competing from their clan. Then Each Clan will be put into a "random" Generator (just gonna pick a number out of the hat). Then once all the Clans have been organized each will be competing against each other.

1.No Alts in Different clans
2.Each Clan must have at least 7 members chosen to participate
3.At the beginning of The Clan battle each clan must take a screenshot showing they agreed to start the matches
4.Each win must be screenshot and with both clans Stating the Score
5.Any Clan to Fail to Compete/show up within the first 2 weeks will be disqualified (must provide evidence that the clan has not attempted to compete/or has not responded either)
6.Each member of your Clan is only allowed 3 Matches(can be split up between mods or they can do all 3 same mod)
7. There must be 7 matches per mod
8. Each Level of the bracket will have a period of time to complete all 21 matches(I will update this as we go forward)
9. All Screenshots must be turned in after completion of the whole war and sent to me via pm


1st Place: 600k split across each member + Random Items
2n Place: 300k split across each member + Random Items
3rd Place: 100k split across each member + Random Items

Must Register Below by: 2/1/19
Clan Name
Members Participating

If you have any Questions you can pm me on forums or on discord [Great Grandfather Convict#7390]

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can we just make it so i fight them in tk vs who ever they put up against me cause this is just nonsense
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Ruined my life to get this Belt
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please end this
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Hi! UwU :O
i freaking wuvv animu ^_^ Belt
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Convict end this or finish it, this is irrelevant now no offense.
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<[MAD]hampa> henlo
<[MAD]hampa> hello u stinky wounder
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Ruined my life to get this Belt
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Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
cowmeat was punished for improperly hosting a forum event once. But this is straight up negligence. The only parties accountable have been the participants.

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I've tried to contact him but nothing has come from it yet. Currently just trying to figure out what the deal is. If anyone is a friend of Convict, please try to contact him (clan members, friends, w/e).

I'll give him a couple more days to respond as this is "formal" intervention from staff. Sorry this has happened to you all, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. I don't know much as of now, but if I find out anything I can try and relay what I can.

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Originally Posted by Wounder View Post

yes give us our prizes
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that's his last message in tank discord
"Gâle, peste, gengraine, trainent à l'entrée de son utérus,
C'est plus risqué de la ken que de jouer à la roulette russe..
Fuyez, elle a les lèvres déchirées qui moussent comme la Heineken,
Ya des tentacules qui pendent, c'est plus une chatte, c'est un Kraken.."
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