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I click normally, I'll use c to hold and relax all, and x most of the time to hold and relax joints.

I used to play on a really shitty laptop which couldn't click very well so I had to play completely by keys, since then I've gotten into the grove of clicking but the x key stuck around in my muscle memory for some reason.
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touch screen laptop
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When I first started me and some irl friends would play twinswords and share our moves by drawing out a simple Tori and doing arrows to signify scrolling.
There was no contract or extend, only up and down.
Ah, simpler times... Not thought about playing toribash when I was 14 with my friends in a long time.
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Clicks for everything
WASD + shift for cam
c for hold/relax all sometimes
v and l for grabbing when hands are in a shit spot to click

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Laptop Touch Pad and ghost off...
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shut up
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I use touchscreen
shut up
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Mouse for Cam, Mouse for clicking. None of that degenerate keyboard shit, it's meant for typing in chat about people's mom's being worth less than a potato
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it depends how much i cba to play toribash that day

its a slow but gradual increase in keyboard button mashing and mouse wheel scrolling to see if i can get my tori to do something cool
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Scrolling up/down
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Used to play with scroll and x to relax and hold and v for grab but now I use laptop so I play with trackpad and zxcv, feels slower than scrolling though
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