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Let them be fags like you are!
Btw. I agree with ipingu, "Wlecome to the Black Parade" is the best song of MCR!
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Originally Posted by 2Bash View Post
I buy CDs. Only of my favourites band though. Download random songs here and there but it's great to have albums. My mum, who owns every Metallica album, (shockingly) owns an MCR album. I'm gonna kick her.

I've only bought 3 CDs in my entire life. The Blackening by MachineHead, Fire Up The Blades by 3 Inches of Blood and Live at the Olympic Auditorium by RATM.
I literally have over 50gb of music that I've just taken off friend's iPods.
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with the exception of fall out boy MCR is the most overrated alternative rock band i can think of.

personally i dislike both
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Originally Posted by Mister616 View Post
They're successful because only teenage girls like them, and they're the only people who buy CDs.
The rest of civilization downloads their music, like good little pirates.

so true.

My classmate sent me one of their songs and she was liek "OMG GERARD WAY IS SO HAWT!!!"

I'm like; girl, that guy is gay....

that's when she started hating me

Even their best song is mediocre when compared to most other bands stuff.
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Quit flaming in these threads. He clearly said if you respect his opinion, he will respect yours. You don't have to like the music, don't be pricks.
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