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(Hentai) Recruitment Thread

Hello there. You want to join us? Great, but before you fill the form below and post it, please read what I want to tell you. We are a new clan and we hope to enhance the toribash experience to the people who join this clan. We are all about fun and just relaxing.

Age: Belt/Qi (User Card) Optional: Past Clans: Special abilities (Art, Videos, Other): Infraction History Optional: Something about yourself (From? why you want to join? favourite mods? etc): Replays: Post here at least 3 replays Have fun!
I make textures n stuff.... And i love hentai. Peace and love <3

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can i join 12 a brown belt
3.i never been in a clan special is video
5.i want to join because i want to participate in clans. from Texas
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sorry zip but you didn't really post all the neccasarrie material for the app.
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