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(Komrade) Recruitment
Become a Komrade = Original Thread

^^ Check this out to see the rules, goals, app form and such. You can apply in free form or structured it serves the same purpose.
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IGN = Epicrules
Belt = Black Belt
Favorite Mod = Aikido
Skype = ([email protected]) (DatLinkDoe is my Username)
Biography = I was once but a lonely toribash player... weak and fragile... no experience, no training... But then a light shinned upon me... one I have never seen before... I approached this strange light with hope to finally know what it means to be called a... warrior... Days, Weeks, Months I have trained with no rest! Then it was my big moment... The Tournament lights shinned as if greeting me. I entered the arena... seeing my opponent's eyes filled with Anger and Hate, frightened me... I ignored my instincts and started the match. He opened, I opened, he was a good fighter no doubt... but one thing he didn't have was control... I saw an open leg and went for it! And I saw everything change. The sound of the DQ was music to my ears... His lifeless body laying on the floor... I knew then this was the beginning of something... amazing...
From then on I fought many enemy's but none could stop me... I finally got my Black Belt and there was no stopping there! I still continue from this day forth... to demonstrate my skill and courage in the arena...
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Good App, I Sent You The Request
Hello There.
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I am the shadow (Application)
In Game Name: Shady West.
Belt: Brown Belt
Favorite Mod: Lenshu, ABD, Twinswords.

Biography (Toribash): I am the Shadow
I remember myself. I used to be eager, just like everyone else in my time, and above all else, I was naive. Little had I known back then that everyone above us just expected us to line up to the slaughter house, often looking at us as the trash you would find in a cesspool. One time, they even came to us, and made us watch as they killed Tori by Tori, much to my horror.

Then, in that one time, they looked at me, broken a bit more than a empty shell crushed by a hammer, and took me from the line, and set me up to be killed like the others. In my fear, I tried running from the Tori set to kill me, but he kept catching up. In a sole moment out of the blue, I kicked him in my attempt to escape, and suddenly, I started to hear a silence from the higher belts. In my bitter confusion, I looked as I noticed that the head of the Tori trying to chase me rolled lifeless in the ground, along side his body which fell limp.

Ever since that day, I've been changed. Never again will they put me in the Line. And as they said in my home, whenever it is Shady in the West, Morning is to come.

And I am the shadow of the morning. Forever coming, forever being.

Biography (IRL): I tend to be more of jokester while I play TB, constantly joking about the way I play, Always talking a lot in the chat (But always cautious as to not brag), and I tend to ignore whenever someone is acting noobish or overly immature. Otherwise, I tend to take more of a "Just a game" stance, usually not getting mad at loosing myself as long as everything looked nice.

While I do Joke a lot, I do tend to be quiet near immediately should I encounter a serious situation, or whenever a serious dispute is going on. I would also be willing to tone down how much I talk in the chat on command, and I will not go out using the name of the Komrade in place of my own without permission from higher ups.

Do know, however that I one day plan to start a clan of my own, but I will still participate and be part of the Komrade community, and I will tell everyone when I do eventually leave to gather a clan of my own.
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Please Provide a Replay Of Your Skill In One Of These Mods, Please And Move This App To This Link: , Just Copy And Paste The App.
Hello There.
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Very nice to see young souls becoming komrades.

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