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The reason I am applying to Nitro is because the clan members seem nice and I'd like to help in some way. I'm a 7th dan and I started playing last year. My name is Sam and thanks for your time.
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Originally Posted by kindlebob View Post
Here you can apply for Nitro!

I would prefer a free-form application explaining why you want to join, anything about you that is interesting, your belt must be above brown, any alternative accounts, your GMT, past clans, bans/infractions, and what use you could be to Nitro. Make sure you mention that you love us, or you will be auto rejected. Good luck out there and have fun!

(This is only temporary, it will be advanced more in the future.)
FOr the sake of you guys this is what an application should look like. This was mine when I applied to Grim Reapers and got 5 yes and 0 no.

Example application

Originally Posted by kindlebob View Post
Still a no from me

my skill are at if in real life then tricks and in toribash is kicking.i am name is Jeremy.I from Australia but I don't have anymore stuff to say because it will be to much info about my personal life.


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my name is kill135634/brendan i'm a 2nd dan blackbelt i've only been in one other clan (alliance of chaos)
it wasn't very fun... my leader was never active and no one ever talked so i just eventually got bored and tired of the inactivity so i left,

i'm here today because of one of your loyal members BrutalLegacy...
i was going through a parkour map with him in his server and i came over to the forums of this clan.
it seems very interesting and i'd love to be in it.

i'd love to become a strong fighter and sparring partner (if you have any sparrers willing to teach/train)
also i've just been looking for new and fun people to hang out with and strong figters to look up to and model myself after...

so i'm coming here today to ask of you if you'll into this clan for reasons already stated

Good day,

i shall put the replay in so you may view said match as a judge for my skill level
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Hi, My name is Tony. I only have 1 account by the name of jellyblob and I have ranked up to a black belt in the 2-3 months I've been playing. I've never been in a clan before but I have been asked to join one but I denied. I play this game very often and since I've become black belt I can't really do anything except play tournaments and win occasionally. I'm a pretty friendly person and I rarely use insults as a form of entertainment. I'm not very active on the forums but I am working on becoming more active. I hope to help your clan by increasing it's popularity.
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Hello. My name's Zoltán(it's a typical hungarian name...)I'm 13 3/4 years old :-) i want a good clan, because my first clan was very bad... Well, this clan is very nice with nice peoples... I'm a brown belt player(almost black)and my best rank was about 9000... I hope I'll find some new friends here. I'm good in aikido and my best greykido rank was 9.
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the ppl at recrutment say i can you so plz accsept
my belt is belu i like akido big dojo i came form china i came here to be a doctor im 18 and i like trains

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Hey, My name is Bryan I live in Winchester, Va in the usa, i speak fluent English and fluent Spanish, I have been playing this game since 2013 although i would like to sign up with my alternate account Downpulse, i would love to join this clan because i love to play competitive aikido, and you said that your clan specializes in aikido, I also noticed that you are very kind to one another and strangers, not many clans do this. it looks like an all-round great clan for my fresh Account Downpulse I consider this account a fresh start, And i would like to consider this clan part of my fresh start.

P.S: My main account is bry1999 a black belt

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Hello everyone! My name Sam, as everyone calls me at least, I'm 14 and would love to join Nitro. Why do I want to join Nitro? That's what your asking yourself right now. I know. I can read you like a book (0).(0). Anyways, I would like to join to better myself in the style, or art as I like to call it, of Aikido. Not only that, but if I self improve, I might be able to improve the clan overall, and try to get us all to rank numbero uno. I would also love to be apart of a community, a community that doesn't just talk, but kicks the crap out of other communities as well ;) . I currently consider myself rather good at Judo, meh at Aikido, and don't expect much of me for Wushu, Ninjitsu, stuff like that, for I don't partake; although I would want to if reason arises. If you would like to test my skills, please do so in Judo, Judofrac, any variation of Judo, and if you want to so my meh, do so in Aikido, or if a slightly better version of meh, Greykido. It would a personal honor of mine to display my unorthodox Judo style to any evaluation related member of Nitro!

Thanks for reading my application, Spartin99.
Oh yeah, California over here.

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Hi. My name is Benjamin Thuresson, I am an 11 year old student from Sweden. My GMT is 10:49 am. I would like to join this clan because i wanna help this clan to become the best and make it so people can feel safe in it. I could bring you mushu skills, Judo skills and other. I hope you liked this apply. Peace.
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Clan: Nitro

we are mainly an aikido and aikido variant clan how are you in those mods?
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