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Thoughts on Logan Paul's video
If you haven't heard already Logan Paul made a video exploring the suicide first in Japan. SURPRISE SURPRISE he found a body hanging from a tree and guess what? He fucking laughs.

He took down video but people are reuploading it. So what are your thoughts on this?

Tbh I lost all respect for this dude.
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uh i'm not sure if this is good material for a discussion thread, but this board is dead anyways so whatever

i haven't watched the video but it's most likely that it's fake. that guy's content revolves in clickbaity shit and causing drama, so i wouldn't doubt that this was staged with the purpose of drawing a shit ton of attention

can you at least link the video or provide some proof that it is real? there's not much we can add with your current post.

Originally Posted by Ash4136 View Post
Tbh I lost all respect for this dude.

you respected him before? him and jake paul make one of the most fake and shittiest content in youtube and kids eat this shit, including their merch of course
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Ah, I was too late. I can't find any of the reuploaded version on youtube.

Back to the topic. I don't really like his brother at all, but at one moment I thought Logan was ok but no he's not. I just found some of his other shitty content like breaking plates and other stuffs. Actually I'm not really a fan of that kind of creator in the first place, so ya.

I know this case from Twitter, actually. But I can't really find any oppoturnity to check the video by myself, so ya, as I searched about it today, it was deleted and the reuploaded version are shutted down by youtube.

From what I got from twitter, he's making fun of suicide and that's not cool at all. He's a dick, and that's it imo.
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The video was real, so was the discovery of the dead body. the Pauls have always made controversial content so I dunno man. Definitely didn't expect this kind of scumbag-ness from him though.

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Originally Posted by Ash4136 View Post
He fucking laughs.

You're implying that was the worst part.
If you saw the original like I did, you'd know he used the poor man's dead body in the thumbnail for views(clickbait) and filmed the man very closely, which is downright disrespectful.
(so he was profiting off someone who took their own life.)
I had always thought Logan was the mature brother, but this is a new low, even for the Paul brothers.
A conversation took from Discord explaining my points further:


The video was also on trending, meaning youtube is okay with this
That in itself isn't right.

EDIT: If anyone's interested, here's a re-upload:

The quality isn't too great though, I used another re-upload but as I was making the post it was taken down.
What reason? Oh, it was taken down for "violating YouTube's policy on violent or graphic content." which is interesting how the reuploads are being taken down but the original video wasn't, he took that down himself.

Personally, I think this just shows how much of a shitty human being Logan is.
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Yeah. Not discussion material. Moved.
Originally Posted by Kaneki333 View Post
I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

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It was a horrible move from Logan Paul, it was dumb and idiotic. But at the same time I feel some empathy for him right now, everyone is attacking him for a mistake that he made which is well deserved but the amount of hate that he's getting in huge. I respect his apology as it was short and simple, not like other apology videos which have ADs and are plus 10 minutes. People right now are just hating on him as they just want him gone of the face of YouTube and to get views. I also find it crazy that people are telling him to kill himself which is crazy as hell. I just hope he doesn't go that far because honestly if I was getting that much hate, I'd think about ending my life, for real.

Personally I think he should be forgiven, I'm not the type of guy to say 'every guy deserves a chance' because that's kind of bull crap but I believe he made a mistake and learned from it.
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It's true that most of the time people deserve a second chance but when you film someone who killed him self and just laugh, am not sure he deserve that second chance.
Imagine you have a bullshit life and one day you decide to go kill your self and finally leave in peace but some hours later a dumb YouTuber with his friends come with their cameras and just film you to get money and take it as a joke, not sure you'd like to be filmed after you suicide or even after you die.
It's not because that guy is maybe a poor dude so that's why he killed himself he don't deserve respect. He deserve as much respect as you, nowadays some YouTubers do like pranks out side and make fun of random people, if these people tell him to remove the part where they appear the YouTuber will have to do it, so I don't think that this poor dude wanted to get in Logan's video and make him do fucking 6mil views in less than 24h, if maybe it was your father who left without giving any information to you and then you see a YouTuber who found him and laugh about him how are you going to react ?

Even Aaron Paul from breaking bad told him that on tweeter and what he said was right :
Dear @LoganPaul,

‘How dare you! You disgust me. I can’t believe that so many young people look up to you. So sad. Hopefully this latest video woke them up. You are pure trash. Plain and simple.

‘Suicide is not a joke. Go rot in hell. Ap.'

I personally don't respect that dude now as Aaron said you can't joke about this kind of things.
So he totally deserve all the critics he gets today, the only thing he had to do there is cut the camera take his phone and call police, show a bit of respect at least, don't film him and don't make all the video ( who was normally a Pokémon Go video ) about him, you can keep filming but don't film him and just give like a message to all the people who think about suicide then call police and leave.
Well, what he did is super bad so once again he deserve all this critics.

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Laughing bit was just a reaction to a situation that he can't comfortably process. Least of the issues there.

Was a massive dick move overall, I feel his friends around deserve a lot of the blame too. His second apology (the video) seemed genuine enough and he hit home points that needed to be hit. (Granted, if he hit em any time prior to posting then he wouldn't have put it up.)

I find more issues in how he and his team acted once the found it than anything before or after. If he had cut out them finding the body and a good minute or two of the footage before and after the finding and left the rest as is it would have been better. (Still not great, but no where near as awful)
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I really just want to see the dead body, sound edgy as hell but I just want to see how it looked like, was it a new corpse or was it rotting a bit already etc. (if anyone can give me an image of it PM me kthx).

I didn't know he put the dead body as the thumbnail but does that count as clickbait? Clickbait would be not showing the body in the video, atleast with this he shows it so it was worth the click, still a bait but not as bad as the other ones on YouTube.
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