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Bodhisattva's Chess Tournament - Volume 1 [FINALS]
Hey everyone! Want to play some Chess?

Cool me too! Listen, I'm going to level with you, I'm not sure what the best format for a chess tournament online could be. So Volume 1, may not be the best tournament ever. This is a little trial and error. But with that said, this is a Chess tournament being held by me. And even better: first one is on me, there is no entry fee!


1) You must have a account. This is imperative as it'll allow for each use of time controls AND it will help me spot any nefarious behavior.

2) Each round will consist of a certain amount of matches with different time controls. Time controls this first tournament will use will be 1 minute, 5 minutes with 2 second interval, and 10 minute games. The finals may include a 30 minute game.

3) Each player will randomly be designated their starting color. Because there will be an odd number of games, a player will be white more times than his opponent each round. To off set this, the player with less white games will get to choose which games (including time control) they will get to play as white. That is to say if there's 5 games, 3 1 minute games, 1 5|2 game, and 1 10 minute game on round one, one player will get 3 games as white, and the other will choose whether or not he wants his 2 games as white on specific time controls, or split, etc. It is your responsibility to sort out who is white and black.

4) No cheating will be allowed. Violating fair play rules by either consulting other players during your game, using any sort of engine, or opening book, will be punishable not only in this event, but potentially with an actual ban.

5) ALL GAMES MUST BE RECORDED. YOU WILL NOT BE SCORED IF YOUR GAME IS NOT RECORDED. NO EXCEPTIONS EVER PERIOD. To record a game, simply type "download PGA", and you'll be given a small notefile. I'll need the PGA's of every game played and posted in spoiler form here after you're ready to announce a result.

6) You fucking need to have fun. Chess is fun.


I'll start the first tournament off nice and easy. No entry fees. 75k for first, 25k for second, and potential miscellaneous brilliancies prizes may be awarded to players who came up with interesting and or enjoyable moves/plays.


Deadline to sign up will be May 17th. You have by then to post here, post your approximate level of strength, and acclimate yourself with If you have any questions you can post them here or PM. You'll need to post your account information on here for easier look up. While Chess strength may be kept in mind in initial pairings, this is an open tournament. If we have enough people, in the future, I can segregate the tournament into weaker and stronger divisions where weak players play weak players for prizes, and strong for stronger.

Current Competitors

The Players!

How to Set-Up a Game:
1) Find each other online on the forums to schedule a time to meet on
2) When on, go to Play -> Live Chess
3) Hit Play Friend
4) Select STANDARD, Time can be either a set interval or CUSTOM (Custom for 5|2 OK), rating UNRATED, and choose your color appropriately.
5) Play. When the game is done, hit download PGN and save the game. Post the game PGN so I can view the game for fair play later. A sample PGN will look like this:

Game 1

6) Post result here. Wins are 1 point, Loses are 0, draws are 0.5 points each.

Best of luck

Finals Will be:
(1) 1 minute game
(3) 5|2 games (5 minute, two second increment)
(3) 10 minute game
(2) 30 minute game
For a best of 7 series.
Round ends: Monday, June 19th
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Gg well deserved
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Diamond rocks
I watched all the matches
Good games dude
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Good games everyone. Hope everyone had fun, time to call it!
Creati0n says: still my favorite. <3
I sacrificed my firstborn for this great human being to join (M) ~R
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