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Technical Riddles

Hello there! This little event is made to test your knowledge of technical side of toribash and PC in general, and maybe to make you learn something new in the process.

Each week we are going to post a new technical riddle for you to solve. It can be anything as long as it's related to the game and/or forum. Your goal is tposolve the mystery, sometimes explain why this certain thing doesn't work or works differently than expected. For doing that you will get a small prize depending on how hard the riddle was. You're allowed to ask questions and get answers, but answers will come from a point of person who doesn't know what the problem is. If the riddle doesnt get solved within a week, it goes into unrevealed riddle archive. You can still solve those later for a slightly lower prize.

[SOLVED by Kyle]


[SOLVED by Aiden]


[SOLVED by lethargicKid]




[SOLVED by Jack]


[SOLVED by Kore]

[SOLVED by Icky]





The line is dead.

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Originally Posted by FreshKek View Post
Ok here's a poem:

He smells of Sunflowers and tortillas
He makes bank
but he might make a prison shank
and scam u

This is referring to iTemp

Sunflowers = Sunflower crown
tortillas = most common food in mexico therefore he's of a mexican descent(im pretty sure everyone knows that)
the last 2 lines refer to the suspicious activity he's had in the last 2 weeks
and the first riddle was Solax's Join date x2
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I PMd you i guess... XD
im not quite sure how this is meant to work anymore, so guess if you think you could have solved it, ... idk

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Sent some prizes
Whabb owo
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I think I've cracked riddle 8, but I'm not 100% sure so I dont wanna give away the answer by posting a half completed riddle here.
I'll try find you on the IRC or I'll PM you
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Since a lot of time has passed and things have changed I've decided to unveil all (?) the mysteries left in this thread
Originally Posted by AssassinPro View Post



"Steam" stands for the game's Steam id, which is 248570.
"Official Clans" was the part which caused the most confusion. Many people have guessed 44, which is "Official Clans" forum id, or 42 which was the number of clans listed on that subforum, forgetting about the "Russian Clans" subforum "Официальные кланы", which is basically the same thing except in Russian. I didn't include legendary clans because even though they have square brackets they are listed in the "Dead Clans" section. Therefore, the correct number was 49.
"Head Hunter" stood for the Head Hunter achievement id, 21.
"22/11/12" at the bottom of the main forum page you can find this line: "Most users ever online was 14,456, Nov 22, 2012 at 03:43 AM".
"Aether" - Aether clan forum id is 666.
"High Speed" - the record for the highest speed attained in Toribash SP is 75.61, held by pusga.
"[kz]" - clan id of a dead clan Knotz is 100. Notice that the key is written differently from Aether, hence the difference between clan/forum ids.
"Regal" - item id of The Regal, Alpha's Clan League 2014 prize is 2021.
"Sparta" - forum id of a dead organization "Sparta" is 599.

Having that, our equation looks like this:
[((248570 / 49) * 21) / ((14456 + 666) / (75.61 * 100)) + 2021 - (599 + 1)].UT =
[(106530 / (15122 / 7561) + 1421].UT =
[(106530 / 2 + 1421].UT =
[53265 + 1421].UT =
54686 is Oblivion's user id
I used UT as an abbreviation for User Title, so the correct answer for this riddle was Que outro valor mais alto se alevanta (worth noting that I have no clue what that means).



The oldest standing ban on the ban list is Ceviuss (his ban reason says: "Cos you SUCK. Fool."). His user id is the same as this thread's id, made by a second banned person, loje. The difference between their user ids is 20984 - 19351 = 1633. Amber colour description mentions that it's made from fossilized ancients, the item that's often called ring is DQ. Amber DQ item id is 703, if you multiply that by 2 and by 1633 you get 1406 * 1633 = 2295998, which is the user id of this guy (called him a ghost because he's only played one game and disappeared forever. Fifty thousand people used to play this. Now it's a ghost game). In his Deactivated inventory he has an empty set called "Set: Artifact is in this set". Pointing that out would grant you the prize and enable me to continue the storyline, but that never happened. Perhaps the hidden empty set was a little too much.

I am going to open this thread so you can post about how close you were to cracking these. This doesn't mean I will start posting riddles again though. Maybe some time in the future, but no promises.
Whabb owo

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that is honestly the most craziest riddle i was so far off.
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I think #4 and #8 were a bit too far fetched and complicated for anyone to guess


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Goddamn I wasn't here when this happened
This seemed like shit tons of fun
Hopefully assassinnoob will post more riddles
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For Riddle #8, I know I'm going to be 99% incorrect, but I'd rather doubt that 1% to give others the chance and use my unfinished workload right here. Might be a smidge of a clue. Anyway~

Theory :3

(and here's a random link that might be worth a bit of your time checking out since you got so much time as to read my whole wall of text, if you even did that)

Random old dead link

I might looked as if I've given up but, fear me not, I will come back someday, just not today xD

EDIT: I apologized, didn't see that you've posted the answer to riddle #8 in the reply instead of the main page, and I am SERIOUSLY way off the answer :/

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