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clan mods are better than event noobs
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3D Showdown!

Ever want to put your 3D modelling skills to the test? Ever think you are the best? Well, now you can become the GOAT of 3D design!

Create a 3D item for the said theme each month for toribash.
They must follow the rules and overall rule status for 3D design.
Objects must be submitted by the 19th.
Objects will be voted on by the Event Squad on the 20th of each month, winner released on the 28th.
There are two categories each item will be placed as: Add-On and Replacement



All 3D items must be less than 1500 polys. There may be an exception if it’s amazing and warrants going over the limit, don’t count on it, though.
Texture size doesn’t matter too much, just don’t go crazy.
It is highly recommended you create your own texture for the item. It is not up to us to create it for you.
All 3D items must be of equivalent quality to existing items.
Submissions can not bear too many similarities to existing items, specifically items intended to be exclusive, such as Phails Wooden Katana and Relax All’s Samurai War Banner, etc. We do not wish to devalue exclusive items by allowing users to publish highly similar variants of them.
When submitting the item make sure to include the .obj and .tga files.
The submitted item has to be made and textured by you, not purchased from anyone nor stolen from the web. Violators of this rule will be severely punished.

Top Design gets their design created and put into the ToriShop for all to enjoy+8 Shiai Tokens for your hard work as well as a free copy for you to enjoy. Also a donated 50,000 toricredits.
Second place gets 25,000 toricredits.
You do NOT receive any profit whenever the item is sold on shop.

Theme of the Month:

[A]dventure|Welcome to Hell
Nike | Mateo | Kriegery | Morals | KDigityDog | Swosh | Typhon | ▶Joel◀
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Old Mar 19, 2017   #61
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be patient,code,you will eventually get your 3d item.
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patience is a thing I have a lot, but i just wanna know if i'll get the prize this year
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bumping this thread every day won't help
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Old Mar 19, 2017   #64
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isnt every day
it's only 1 time per week
and it'll probably be 1 time per month soon
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Old Mar 28, 2017   #65
Cowboy Hat item has been (finally) created and is now available in Torishop.
It's also going to be on sale until April 3rd, wow.

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