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[WET] New event team

Hello everyone. This is a new attempt to bring more fun to the community.
Wapows biggest event yet, isn't an just an event.
We are opening a Organisation Called WET
It will solely run tourneys and events from Donations, Marketing, Clan Events,
and such to bring more prizes and fun to the Community.

We are a Non-Profit organisation that will only work to bring more to the game that is being currently offered. We are not in it for the Name, The admin role, The Attention, colour or any of that. We just want to make the game have more options than just ES tourneys.

To donate click here and send to WETBank. All donations will be used for non profit and to be handed out as event prizes. You will make our list and get certain discord permissions if you donate.

WET contributor role (coloured) for 1k- 9.9k
Role + Discord vip for 10k or more.

Currently we are looking wide for many people to fill roles in our own Staff like organisation.

Discord Admin
Tournament Op
Any old or Ex admins willing to give us a hand in a lot of questions.

We look more at proof than applications. We are looking for the most active of active players currently. Not 1-2 times a week not 3-4 but almost 6-7 times a week and forum active.
Join us and you will see our future goals and up coming events shall be updated soon.
If you want to be a part of the team look for the how to apply spot in discord or pm me hecate or any recruiters.

Current WET Staff:

Team Leaders: Hecate, ShhhMikes
Discord Admin: Seth
Recruiter: LordGaara, Pyro
Trial Event Team: Cat4hbk, lilfishy1
Event Artists: 264axel
Marketers: Snak3scal3, Parrot
Advertisers: Shanerox12
Tourney Ops: Spots needed

Sorry if this is wrong place to post
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Is this a cheap ass copy of the FET I made.
Since it seems like an org it is unfit here.

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