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Infamous Toribash Players
Here we shall discuss the most infamous toribash players to date.

This includes, who they were, what kind of controversies they've caused and the impact it had on the community.

Who are some of the most infamous players and what did they do? Is this topic even allowed here? We shall find out.

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That legendary scammer boi that starts with a j or something,
But tbh when i read this thread all i could think of was software123
(Or MrSofty now) what he did was basically grind custom belt for a whole year. Then after he got it kelt shitposting until he earned a perma, he kept making alts until staff just gave up rebajning him over and over again. He gucci now tho
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Who cares they're only known because they sucked and most of them now days want to seperate themselves from it so badly cause they grew up.

The ones that still suck, still suck.
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oh yeah
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link8 = legend
oh yeah
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who remembers skizzify he was a dumb piece of shit lmao
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are you thinking about jire sunther?

id probably say basic he just cant stop shitposting
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Tbashboi the hacker man, also I agree with what Icky said.
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i forgot than one staff's name that got a lot of complaints but higher positions didn't wanna remove him from staff

the name that pops in my head is "kyre" for some reason idk if its him
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