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My tips and tricks about sparring and parkouring (Kinda of a tutorial)
Now, there are a "Bunch" of tutorials out there about sparring and parkour, but some of them out there aren't that really understanding so I did this for the once who needs tips tricks and if you dont understand, feel free to ask anything related to this thread.

Now lets start with the basics of "Sparring" (You guys prob has seen already, I'm using quotes because it's easier for people to understand what point I'm talking about)

Sparring tips / help

Ok you are about to start a spar right? But don't know if you are gonna run or not. Usually if you set the Eg distance (The space between you and your sparring mate) to 400, thats a good distance for small walking or launching or what ever you feel right to do, but don't run when it is a short distance because you have a big chance of running IN your sparring mate. There for dont run in a short distance. The technique in sparring is the brain of a good spar, you always need to practice the "Comeback" because if you are for example a little far away from you sparring mate, that can be easily fixed by rotating yourself or just somehow turn towards your sparring mate. More tips about sparring will come later but for now this is a good thing to know while you are sparring

Parkour tips / help

Parkour is a little tricky at the beginning but you always learn from what you did wrong, so let me tell you my tricks and tips on how to fix your problems or what you did wrong. Lets start with the basic problem while running, it is when you are running your ghost shows that you are about to fall to the side, or just slipping idk but if your ghost is showing that it is probably because you need to relax your lumbar, when it is relaxed your ghost will hopefully show that you don't fall to the side or turning in any direction thats because when it is relaxed it the body will bend to the right or left and that will add weight to the opposite side you are falling.


this is a tutorial or a tip and tips for beginniner parkourers / sparrers. Don't post anything about that you know because you have parkoured or sparred before and know everything I gave tips and tricks on, this is (I repeat) this is for the beginners that needs help with parkouring in general. Feel free to ask any question down bellow or if you need help with anything, also the pro are allowed to participate in this thread to help the new parkourers / sparrers.
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The tips you gave were kinda vauge, and this tutorial was awkward to read. You should really work on your sentence structure and word choice.
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All of this, with exception to the engagedistance tip (which any beginner sparrer learns quickly) is covered in Mocucha's sparring and parkour videos. There's a reason why there are very few other tutorials. It's redundant.
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