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3D Item Submissions

Want to show off your awesome 3D creations? Contribute to the community by adorning the heads of many with your wonderfully crafted bucket hats and drinking helmets? Maybe even make a bit of pocket change while you’re at it? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Submission Requirements
All 3D items must be less than 1000 polys. There may be an exception if it’s amazing and warrants going over the limit, don’t count on it, though.
Texture size doesn’t matter too much, just don’t go crazy.
It’s highly preferred if you create a texture to go along with the .Obj, but if you’re unable to we may be able to assist.
All 3D items must be of equivalent quality to existing items.
Submissions can not bear too many similarities to existing items, specifically items intended to be exclusive, such as Phails Wooden Katana and Relax All’s Samurai War Banner, etc. We do not wish to devalue exclusive items by allowing users to publish highly similar variants of them.
When submitting the item make sure to include the .obj and .tga files. If the item is untextured you don’t need to include the .tga file.
The submitted item has to be made and textured by you, not purchased from anyone nor stolen from the web. Violators of this rule will be severely punished.
The submitted item can not have a copyrighted texture nor object, that means no Minecraft Grass Blocks and Runescape Rune Kite Shields.

Submission Process
When you’re all finished with your item, it’s now time to submit it. Simply send a pm to Icky and include the .obj and .tga file. You may also suggest a name and description in this PM, though we might not use it if it’s unfit for the ToriShop.
After you’ve finished submitting your item it will go through a screening process with the Item Forger team. They will be taking a look at the quality, polycount, similarities to existing items, and overall appeal of the item. During this time they will also pick a name, description and price point for it if the item is good enough to be published. This process can take upwards of 2-3 weeks, so please be patient!
After the review has finished, Icky will send you a PM informing you that your item has been accepted or declined. If it’s the latter, we’ll include a few details regarding what you can improve on before your next submission. Don’t be scared to submit the same thing twice if you believe you’ve made a big enough improvement!

Well, we’re not gonna just have you do all the work and not reward you for it!
When your item is accepted and published to the ToriShop you will receive a free copy of the item. Additionally, you'll also receive a special, untradeable copy of the item that mentions you were the creator of it.
When your item is placed on the ToriShop the stock will be set to 50, after every 10 purchases(which you can check by looking at the remaining stock) you may pm Icky to redeem 5% of TC earned through the items sale(Item Forgers earn 10% of the items sale, maybe you should think about becoming one..). After the stock reaches 0 we’ll set it back to 50 so you may continue to earn TC.

Personal Items
If you’d like to create an item for you, and for you alone, you may click this link to be redirected to the USD shop, where you can purchase the rights to forge an exclusive item. All purchased items are subjected to the same screening process detailed above. However, we won't hold the item to the same quality expectations as you will be the only owner, and the model and texture do not need to be made by you as long as you have the rights to use them.
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