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Help Shay Sketch!
Hi, My name is Shay, also known as Frosy or Shayed
I've wanted to learn to draw as far back as I can remember, and there are really good artists on TB who i hope can help me

This was my first ever time sketching a person.
Can someone help me with how to fill in the hair? I've tried multiple times, but each time it looks off.

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Its a decent sketch for beginning. Drawing Humans is very difficult for many. Some more than others. I like it. I recommend fixing her giraffe neck and raising her nose a bit.

Now, with your hair, you will want to use thin pencil strokes mixed with darker/heavier strokes. Not too much though to avoid cancer. Make sure to shade using an imaginary light source.

It is okay to erase and remake lines.
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Your lines are shaky and uncertain trace the final line after the (messy sketch lines), don't be afraid to cover her face with hair (hair always moves anyways) What weooweoo said and chin is pointy.

I suggest this video for the hair, the channel is really good too. But just watching a video wont make you better, you must practice a lot of times before getting it right.

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