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Alts in beginner rooms
As help squad recently I have spent quite a bit of my time in Beginner rooms and I have noticed how many alts are actually flooding them every day.

I am almost certain that some actual beginners abandon this game after being abused by alts in such way. It is very disrupting to new players who actually try to learn this game and get completely destroyed by alts.

I know that it wouldn't be an easy thing to manage, but there should be some boundaries and rules as to what is allowed in terms of alts. Such activity as going to beginner rooms on alts should be punishable in my opinion and this could be accomplished by giving an IP ban for few days, giving infraction to their main account or something of that nature.

Such activity wouldn't be easy to detect of course, but help squad could easily report such activity when supervising beginner rooms and moderators/administrators could deal with it accordingly.

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Bump, we need some sort of solution to this.

My suggestion is to give Help Squad permission to kickban so while supervising beginners we could take care of alts at the same time. It wouldn't put any additional work on our shoulders as we regularly supervise beginner rooms either way.
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also like someone mentioned,they should infract the main account of the alt,
add the name of the main account in the infraction reason if the alt is
infracted,no one cares if their alt is permabanned.

Also i have made a suggestion in another similar thread,the admins
or those that can see who is who,make a survey or something and pm it
to the pros that like to alt,in the survey it could have questions like:

why do you join beginner servers?
would a pro server intrigue you into stopping?
would a server with higher tc rewards intrigue you into joining?
what would you like to happen so you stop joining beginner servers?

this would be done so we could at least try to understand why this
keeps happening
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Old Mar 14, 2017   #13
Pro players don't join beginner servers on alts to bash noobs regularly, it's what blackbelts do once they realize they're not in Toribash kindergarten anymore.

Best way to prevent people from joining beginner rooms on alts is to restrict alt account creation. As for giving HS any special permissions, it may be a thing but would require changes to the group (primarily, in its management). Yes it has mature members now, but there should be a higher-up in charge if we discuss giving HS halfop as TAs had.
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i mean I will come out clean and admit i have done this before but not because i do it on purpose to bash some random kids, just do it because we have to get 20 qi and most other servers are full and you possibly get banned for farming for being too good, there are many flaws in this community but most of us don't do it on purpose, would be nice if you guys somehow manage to help this situation or get a better server for this type of thing
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