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Dismember|Fracture Mechanics
This is a concept that has been talked about before I believe, but I could not find a thread regarding it so I figured I'd create one in this new fancy Suggestion board.

Currently, it seems fractures and dismemberments are too simple. In many mods, wins can feel somewhat "cheap" with a quick DM or a few "unlucky" fractures.

Potentially, a way to make Toribash a bit more interesting and perhaps even more "competitive" would be to add varied fractures and dismemberments.

Whether it be delayed fractures and DM's, or temporary fractures that "heal" after a certain amount of frames.

Doing something like this could make players put more thought into their moves, rather than going for a quick snapkick or whatever other moves people try for a quick DM or fracture.

Could make people feel they have the ability to comeback even though they have a few fractures. If delayed DM's were implemented, could create more moments of tension and strategy as you prepare for the DM you know is going to occur.

Posting this to start a dialogue regarding this concept, as I'm fairly certain I've heard this talked about before.
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gonna bump this as this seems as an amazing idea to improve the game more. it would make the game more intense and indepth in my opinion with delayed fracs/dms.

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