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Old Nov 22, 2016   #241
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yeah this top part is a joke, no real point in reading it all tbh :P

yeah you can sell it if you want idc, ill just try to resist dl-ing you ever again because seriously i love that set
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Originally Posted by Stone View Post
Is it just me, or does pusga have a lighter legend colour than oblivion? Also that texture feels like it's a part of toribash in general.

It is just you
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Originally Posted by pusga View Post
i am almost actually sad irl to see that set go, i hope the buyers realise they are buying more of a symbol than textures.

it is a symbol alright
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Old Nov 25, 2016   #244
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How does someone manage 2 accounts in legends?
Sleepy Is better than me at Hand Ball
"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing"
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selling cans of whoop-ass for 30 tc
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Damn Oblivion, I hope you get a shit ton of money for that set man. You've been wearing that...For a long damn time my friend. Good luck.

Originally Posted by sleepwalking View Post

That would be NutHug.
Sighs: If you become legend, what would your item be?
Trestty: An AK.

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Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
How does someone manage 2 accounts in legends?

he doesnt
nuthug had an alt named Qblivion
while Oblivion is similar to that so yeah
its understandable why people misunderstand that but idk how it started
because how could someone out of nowhere not notice the Q in Qblivion, tell everyone about it and somehow make the misconception about Oblivion and Nuthug known throughout the entire community?
seems a bit strange, with a situation like that, it seems as rare as winning the lottery twice in a row to ever happen, even once, i mean maybe its because of Oblivion's popularity, but he has been asked this question numerous times and has answered it again and again, if he has answered it so many times, then how does everyone still think that this misconception is true?
now i feel like theres more to this situation than it seems
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no one actually believes it, it's just a joke to mess with oblivion
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Old Feb 13, 2017   #249
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this thursday I have my last official exam until I graduate
feels pretty insane that I started playing Toribash while still in highschool
We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
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I know that feel m80.
But toribash is always there, like a constant in our lifes.
I hope to see more of you in toribash again :>
selfgrab is art
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