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Mr. Montenegro
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I know about Dead of Winter, but this is nothing like it from the mechanical point of view. Yes, this game has zombies, but that's the only similarity with Dead of Winter.

Dead of Winter is semi-coop game, and it is a board game, while this is strictly coop game and it is a card game. Anyway, mod is almost finished. I've put it on hold since I made another game in the meantime (lol).

When I make everything to work out as I want it, I usually stop expanding upon the idea, and Left 4 Dead the card game is basically finished project. Nothing more to add or remove, except to make all the cards (finish the actual artwork) and publish the mod.

What I'm doing right now is testing my other game in rl. It is called Osu! and it's an abstract game set in the feudal Japan. Here is the look of the printed stuff I've made:

Spoiler: Osu! 

And currently working on the basic mechanics for the Dead Space game which will also be a card game (easier to print prototypes) based on the Legendary system. Go, Google what legendary is if interested. But, I will give an example:
Legendary Encounters: Aliens and Legendary Encounters: Predator.
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Bojan is gone, feels sad.
make your tribute to the honored comic artist that inspired us to make a world out of toribash.

PS. he is alive, but quit.
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ay boy, can u dra porn dawg?
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