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7th Dan Black Belt
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Giving the "Forum clans" a reason to war.
The ranking system should give us something when we reach some ranks
and take it away when we lose that rank
Preferably something that's on the forums.
Because if it gives us something ingame, then the "Forum clans" still don't care.

Would be cool if rank 1 had something nobody else had
and rank 2-3 had something the lower ranks didn't have.
etc etc

We make Choices
Choices make Us

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Help Squad
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Clan: Crooks

Yes, I agree that forum clans shouldn't be forced to play the game for some prize. They are here for community rather than the game.

However the general idea of rewarding top clans is still quite good and I feel like it would bring clan warring back as it is dead nowadays.
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Clan: Frost

Frost would never have entered Clan Battle Royale if it wasn't for the clan board customization. Some of us are still going in-game from time to time since the event, even though we lost pretty much immediately.

There is something to this idea, but when all is said and done, I think the in-game clans will dominate the clan rankings. They simply focus on that aspect on the game and are thus guaranteed to be better at wars. I believe by giving out forum-related prizes you're more likely to get in-game clans into the forum, than forum clans back into the game with this idea. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, however.
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7th Dan Black Belt
Join Date: Sep 2014
Posts: 266

It connects both
I talked about that in the first post.

We make Choices
Choices make Us

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Why is this thread just for forcing the forum clans to get in-game? Make it simple, Forums clans can stay forumite and in-game clans can stay in-game.... in-game clans can have prizes for wars and ranks and if forum clans want them too, they will do wars too, otherwise they will get nothing..
I'm also totally disappointed that most of the clans got official because of in-game activity not the forums... and now they are mean and saying that the game is dead and we will stay on forums no matter what prize you pay us for ranks...
So nothing to do about it... we can't force them to play the game, but we can award the clans who play the game daily and do wars... and i would say, they are better than the forum clans
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Clan: night

We could create badges for different clan levels and have them appear under the players mood when they make a post. Seems simple enough. You could also offer toriprime/VIP rewards alongside these.

By my understanding both of these are easy implementations.
it's an algorithm of course it can be gamed
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