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Ranking Updates :: Season 3
This thread's purpose is to gather more thoughts on Matchmaking and how it should work.

Toribash development team is currently focused on making the Matchmaking system work as you would expect a proper matchmaking to, and we would like to make sure our current plans fit community's desires and views on it. Any thoughts and new ideas are welcome and will be considered.

What is currently planned to be implemented:

  • Ranked - a "first to 3" duel
    • No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods (mod changes each fight).
      Draft mod list: aikidobigdojo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm (or rk-mma.tbm), judofrac.tbm
    • Brown belt restriction
    • Seasonal rank resets (3 months for season length)
    • No daily rank 1 reward. Instead, weekly rewards for top n players or one-time reward at the end of the season.
    • Matchmaking being the only way to rank up.

  • Unranked - a "first to 2" duel
    • Pick the mod group to play
    • No belt restriction

We also plan to disable daily rank 1 rewards for now as it has turned into "farm rank without getting caught" fest.
It doesn't mean that everybody with top ranks farmed their way up, but Event Squad members have to deal with rank-related reports on almost a daily basis. We may still reward top players in some way.

EDIT (10/03/2017):
Originally Posted by sir View Post
Matchmaking mods have been changed, mod list now consists of "classic" mods.

Grappling: aikido.tbm, aikidobigdojo.tbm, greykido.tbm
Kicking: taekkyon.tbm, erthtkv2.tbm, kickbox.tbm
Striking: lenshu3ng.tbm, rk-mma.tbm, wushu3box.tbm

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you should seriously put the matchmake button inbetween free play and multiplayer, that way many more people would use it simply because they can see it directly and are reminded of it's existance before they join a room
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I don't think there should be 3 month resets. Every 1 month is fine.
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why not let each player pick a mod and the third be random
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Hi, couple of suggestions:

- Have each round be a different gamemode and always in the same order. Change gamemodes each season.

- Ingame rewards (cosmetics) for players. Colored named for top 5% of players or something like that.

- Forum rewards (like badges) depending on rank

- Tier skills (platinum, diamond, cardboard, bronze, etc.) would be a great addition.

- Badges ingame next to name depending on overall rank.

- More rewards.
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Originally Posted by HASSAN View Post
I don't think there should be 3 month resets. Every 1 month is fine.

One month reset almost literally means that the player who plays the most gets rank #1 (or at least top ranks). We have seen this quite a few times now. Rankings take some time to even out and reflect skill.
Three month season balances the amount of games played better.
Activity should be an important factor when it comes to rankings, but no the main one.
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As far as I can see for now players don't get any penalty for leaving a ranked matchmaking game, please fix this in next patch.
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Can it be made that matchmaking is defaulted to ranked mode?

Out of 15 match making searches I have only done 1 ranked mode. I asked my opponents why, and they said they didn't realized you have to switch the option...

Don't know if anyone else has noticed this.
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I think you should add a mod draft
One person chooses one mod, other person chooses another mod and the third mod is random, also add boxshu
Just make a poll of all the mods hosted currently and make the top-6 the mod pool

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that would be cool,but seriously, dont put judo or judofrac on the poll.
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Judofrac is a mod played by some players. Don't spit on it just because you don't like it personally.
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