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This game is gonna die if we don't advertise it, why not make a fundraiser or an event of some sorts that can raise money to go towards advertising?? Like a huge event with a USD fee with a prize that would make people pay the (ex. 1 usd) money to join it? For example, clan league or the tori games, something that gets a lot of attention and participation from players, you charge a fee and have a prize thats worth paying for and let people join and the funds raised go towards advertising.

Even if you charged TC and had staff sell the tc, you charge 15k (example price) to enter, have a base prize that isnt raised by people entering and paying the fee, then you get lots of participation and sell the tc for usd on a MS hosted tc sale or something.

Maybe even have another tori lottery, and instead of just sinking the tc, sell it to players and then use the usd to advertise for it.

The game is dying and new players arent gonna join consistently if you dont show the game, this game has such good potential for esports and to be a popular game in general, why not put the effort in to grow the community when it needs it??
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I agree with fist, we get quite a lot of bew members because the game is free on steam - the game and its tutorial are not friendly enough to beginners so they dont stay

things need to be put in place before advertising becomes worth the money spent
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i feel like this game is less going to die because it isn't advertised
it's going to die because hampa takes his $20 a month from the unsuspecting green belt who thinks 28k for $20 is a great deal and spends it on nothing that will help the game

and besides, there hasn't been any active development of this game at all since 3.9

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Again, this is turning into "why this game is dying" discussion. Yes, we all know the state of Toribash and there are countless threads about that, no need to bring it here.

I think the point of this discussion is that advertisement won't bring the game alive before the game gets fixed up and improved. There is nothing else to really say about it.
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Originally Posted by Smaguris
...advertisement won't bring the game alive before the game gets fixed up and improved. There is nothing else to really say about it.

I suppose this sums it up.
We won't get mad at you if you get your friends to play Toribash now though, or even engage people from some game sites.

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