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Reputation System
First off, i just want to say i don't remember if this was a thing.

Why i should think it should be a thing: it would add a bit more forum engagement, now i know this is stupid, especially for a fighting ragdoll game forum. But hear me out, if there was/will be a reputation system on the forums it would allow users to "rate" members for their post, such as like/dislike threads users post, allowing them to have like a rating on the "postbit" (the thing on the left side with avatar, etc.) that can be negative depending on the ratings the user gets. Such as if the user has above a certain number of good ratings/reputation the number on the postbit turns green, if it goes negative it turns red.

Why would this be useful? Simply for forum engagement. Maybe help lesser known threads to the top depending on the ratings on that thread? Now this could be "unfair" but it allows users to vote on threads they like to be raised to the top of the forums, maybe restrict reputation to certain forums as well. As well as you could only allow users to vote on threads that arent theirs, only vote on a thread once, so on and so fourth.

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Nah, not cool. This aint Facebook
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You have probably noticed the millions of toribash alts.
I could make a bot to spam like my posts in 2 minutes.

Toribash is horrible at preventing fake accounts, so i assure you that this will never ever work.
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There was a rep system, it sucked, it was removed.
Also this:
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Liking System for Posts
So, yeah. Was something that crossed my mind earlier. It isn't anything needed or important.

I think a perk to this would possibly help lessen useless posts and what not. Simply liking a post someone made shows you support it without causing an issue for spam.

quick shit example of what im talking about

Would probably think a thumbs up and thumbs down with the numbers would be better, and smaller too. But you catch my drift. Clicking the thumb would link you to who disliked or liked it. Similar to polls. And this could be for either all posts or just a thread OP.

EDIT: oh, well fuck. thanks for merging this, didn't know this was recently brought up.
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