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Should alts be allowed?
This question has haunted me for a while and after seeing current events I think it is time to discuss this issue.

Alts had been an issue for a while in Toribash, and an accessibility of creating new account so freely has become quite a problem. For example, check out current ban list.
Even if you go to completely random page you can see that around 80% of bans occur on alt accounts. That is not only burning out our staff's time, but also it clearly shows how making alternate accounts prompt users to go against the rules.

Besides already mentioned points, alts also ruin experience for beginners. The amount of alts in beginner rooms is staggering. For instance, take this live example that I have caught today. In a 5 player room, 3 of the players were alts. I knew they were alts because of their play style and win ratio, which was above 80% on all 3 accounts. Moreover they knew they were going against the rules as they all disconnected as soon as I mentioned reporting them to higher authority.
My point is that in some cases there are more alts in beginner rooms than there are actual beginners. Surely that discourages some beginners to attempt the game when they get destroyed as soon as the get a chance to play.

There are many many other activities that are mainly performed by alts and go against the rules, including such as rank farming, scamming, using offensive language and more.

I think this should be put to and end, and there are few ways to do this. Simple Email confirmation process could solve majority of this problem. For example to register a new account a player would have to register an email that was never used for any other Toribash account before, and then confirm the account by clicking active link in the email sent by Tori team. This would drastically decrease number of alts as more effort would be required to create a new account.

I'm sure there are many other ways or techniques to solve this problem and discussion is required to find the most fitting solution.

I know there will be many people who will disagree with this post as there are many active players who actively use alts, but it is not good for the community in general thus something has to be done about it.

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At least it should decrease trolls.
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