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hacking speed, gravity, etc.. any help?
hi! i feel a little silly posting to the beginners thread after so long, but i'm looking to get into replay hacking, so make my replays a little more interesting. i know it's done mostly in notepad (except for nuthug's amazing script to make it easier). would anyone be helpful enough to inform me on how to hack a replay to change gravity midway through a replay, changing velocity in the middle of a replay, teleporting either tori or uke around, etc? i'd be very grateful, i'm looking to create some really cool replays, and i'm hoping you all can help me out thanks!
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Changing gravity during a replay will break the first part of the replay, as it relies on that gravity, but can be done using the NEWGAME 0; bar with the gravity you set it to,
Teleporting tori and uke is the POS 0(or1); and the first number row is x then y then z
the speed is ANGVEL 0(or 1); and same rule applies
using Nuthugs script however can help with speed,
If you have any more questions or are having struggles you can always pm me.
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I think you can find alot here:
Help Squad-member
& Rapid Threads Lmod.
Got any questions? Feel free to ask!

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To hack the gravity you need to use this script. Record all the frames prior to the gravity switch, change the gravity via notepad, edit the replay when the gravity switches

You might also find the second script useful, also made by NutHug. Makes hacking super easy in general.
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For teleport if u want to teleport ur tori next to uke (this is an example) then u can choose 2 variants witch is
1) u can edit the replay and make tori go next to uke then u can save it as another name and then get everything at the last frame from POS LINVEL JOINT QAT ANGVEL
and u want to copy and paste this in the frame of your original replay
2) u can make a new replay teleport tori next to uke then pass one frame ( if u dont it will glitch and it wont work) then copy everything from that 1 frame then paste it at your original replay frame.
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Thank you all for the amazing tips! I'll be sure to implement these into my next replay once I get the hang of it
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