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What sports do you practice?
As tittle says, what sport(s) do you practice or used to practice?, what were your experiences when you started to?, do you have a fun fact while doing so? good/bad memories about? doing so gave you life lessons? Personally I like to watch a lot of sports and when I was about 5 years old, my grandpa along with my father started teaching me a bit of soccer, like almost everyone I was the shit at it, I scored on my own goal 2 times before doing 1 goal for my team lmao, then with practice, playing futsal I learned way 2 much so came back to start on soccer again and scored my first goal in a team on my first match coming back, I was really proud of my self those days and now I got close to play in my country first soccer league.I'll leave it like this for now, I am at work so when I get to my home I will continue editing this.
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Sasugaa.. I first started playing football with 7 years for a spot in my city's junior team (Odivelas, Lisbon).

I used to play as an offensive midfielder/second striker and i enjoyed every minute playing. I was actually accepted in the junior team before getting bumped by my neighbor's car and injuring my left ankle in the process.

Having that injury added to my low stamina ended my only chance to play in the local team and tourney.. That broke me harder than Bane when he fucked Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

My ankle is still fucked and i can't move like i used to nor play football freely.. My football career ended there, i tried to play again but i sucked so bad that i was forced to play as a goalkeeper lol. Which led me to basketball, what i currently practice.

Ironically, volleyball, which is the sport i didn't enjoy much at first is where i've achieved most "success"...with my school's team around 2014-2015. I got in for a girl and ended up winning the tourney kek.

champ in porto

I currently practice basketball, i don't have a specific position cuz i still suck at dribbling and i'm not strong enough to play in frontcourt.
I'd like to try baseball and tennis one day, both seem pretty fun and interesting.
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i used to practise some basketball and soccer back in the day.
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Really the only sport I take seriously is basketball. Started playing when I was 4 and I loved it, really loved it. The feeling of the ball and shooting it was really satisfying. I’ve had the same coach for my whole life, and I never want to replace him. He taught me everything I knew and I’ll never forget him.
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I play intramural football and basketball atm. Also because I know communist are on this forum when I say football I'm talking God's game not no soccer

Did gymnastics from like 6 to 16

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golf lmaooo i won a national championship last year
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Originally Posted by Whale View Post
golf lmaooo i won a national championship last year

Yo that’s dope, congrats! Mind going into more detail?

I (used to) play collegiate ultimate frisbee for my uni back then from 2015 - 2017. The community’s full of great people, kinda sad that i stopped being friends with most of then after quitting.

Some people really are just teammates :’(
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so i finished tied for 10th place in the 2017 indonesian mercedes trophy and got an invitational to this annual tournament by a nationwide chain of golf academies, i made the cut in the qualifiers and played exceptionally well during the championship, shot 13 under and won by 1 stroke, i got more invitations because of it but i didn’t attend most of them bcs of spinal stress so i had to take a break from competitive golf
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I play and also coach tennis


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I did a lot of swimming back in the day and i even went to a really profesional gym where i practiced and perfected my swimming for like 3-4 years in the 2012-2015 period. Now i just do it in the summer time when i go to the pool with my friends or at the sea side.
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