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Neuroshima Hex! online
It's small, relatively quick and pretty fun strategic board game. Fun to play IRL but to be honest it's just as fun online, if not more because computer does all silly calculation for you.

Just fucking read it here.
It's game for 2-4 players. It takes place on a small grid. There are a few different factions, every player has 35 tokens and gets 3 tokens in hand each turn. One must always be discarded. When map is filled or a special token is used, battle begins. Both players start with HQ tokens that have 20 HP. Game ends when HQ is destroyed or all players run out of tokens.
Tokens can be offensive and have initiative (act first during battle), attack type (melee, hits adjacent; ranged hits first in first in line); can be buff-buildings that grant buffs to connected units, or can be special tokens that e.g. initiate battle or let you move a token. Some units have special abilities, e.g. Borgo's assassins can move one tile every turn, Moloch's gauss deals damage to all units in line in front of it.
If you hover cursor over token in your/enemy hand, you can see descriptions.
If you feel like it, there's handbook here but it's more updated than the NHO, so it can be a bit confusing (and maybe some rules even changed, I wouldn't know). You can mostly learn by trial & error though.

How to run it:
1. Download client from here (it's in java, better have it updated)
2. Java has nazi security rules, so you must open java settings and add to security exceptions list. Otherwise it won't let you run it. (exception list is in start->java->configure java)
3. Run it, the "Zmień język" is change language. Pick english and you're set. Change IP to


tl;dr it's great thing to spend 15-30 min on, but it's gone deep underground and there are like 10 players a day right now. If you like the game then we can play.

if you get into it, it might be useful (do note only first 6 armies are in this version)

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