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Old Sep 2, 2014   #1
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[Games] Most Wanted September

Lets see what you think about that

Here is my List:
Destiny (Ps4)
FIFA 15 (Ps4)

So what's on your list your list
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Old Sep 2, 2014   #2
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Actually all I want till the end of the year is arma 3.
but that's not going to happen that soon cause I've just bought The Crew.
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Old Sep 3, 2014   #3
what's your favorite minion meme
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Hotline Miami 2
Wasteland 2
Velocity 2X

Not all that much tbh. Destiny looks alright, but too "usual". Nothing new.
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Old Sep 4, 2014   #4
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GTA V PC will be the first and last "AAA" $60 i buy and the first and last game i preorder for a long time
back from the dead
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Old Sep 4, 2014   #5
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european ship simulator
I like simulator games :3
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