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Old May 19, 2018   #1181
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Clan: Evil

Then you can't find anything better than the oldest living clan!
Welcome Surf, you've been accepted for trail.
evil Führer of Evil
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Clan: Evil

heyas, im kiwii, formerly edgykiwi (cringey i know). i'm 15 from ireland, i'd like to join a clan that i think i'd enjoy being active in and able to enjoy toribash more than i normally would. i play mostly boxshu but have been trying to main abd over the past few months. in my spare time i play a few instruments, do taekwondo & i like to draw a bit. i'm active on discord a lot of the time so socialising with me shouldn't be too much of an issue ^^ (and just like Surf, i too follow the way of the noodle)

-I am Evil-

• How did you find out about us? Is there anything you really like about the clan?
i've played with a few members in the clan, anybody that i've met that's in [Evil] has seemed really chill, no toxicity which is quite refreshing.

• How often do you play in game or post on the forums?
i'm active in game almost everyday, playing mostly boxshu and abd, im always down for any other mods though. recently i've been getting more active on forums, lurking around and posting near enough every day.

• How would others describe your personality?
i'd guess most people would say i'm laid back and easy to talk to. "Chill af. And an irreplaceable spud brother" -surfer2u

• Tell us about your experiences in other clans and why Evil might be a better fit.
i've been in a few clans, most notably (Flawless), (vo), (OS), and (Ace)
i left these because they were either dying or i didn't feel that i settled in very well with the other clan members, from the vibes that i get from [Evil] members i don't think that'll be the case here. (Ace) was the clan i settled with best, it boosted my skills n got me far more involved in the community, but like all things, i had to move on eventually, (Ace) achieved as much as it could. c:

• Do you have any special skills or talents? We’d like to know about them.
besides music i don't have much to me lmao, the thing that im best at out of anything that i can do is definitely the piano though.

• When/if you join, what would be something you’d like to do with us? (wars/conversation/other)
warring alongside new people would be fun, getting to know all of the clan members would be great seeing as ya'll are the oldest clan going, i get to learn about the ye olde days of toribash

thank you for reading my app, i look forward to a reply c:
"i can land my ass on that spike" -cat4hbk

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• How did you find out about us? Is there anything you really like about the clan?
I found out by accident.But its really cool clan ,i like hem
• How often do you play in game or post on the forums?
I play every day
• How would others describe your personality?
Terrible.And a little cute.Mb...
• Tell us about your experiences in other clans and why Evil might be a better fit.
I joined Command
But he was dead.
• Do you have any special skills or talents? We’d like to know about them.
I can eat a lot.I'm learning to draw
I don't know what will happen.
• When/if you join, what would be something you’d like to do with us? (wars/conversation/other)
I just want to be with you :з
Im evil.

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I wanna join. Talk to Ryder.
Mary had a little lamb, its heart was as black as coal, crept into her room one night and ate her fucking soul.
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Damano <3
• How did you find out about us? Is there anything you really like about the clan? •
When I started to play Toribash Evil was already a very well stabilished clan, and it remains for years, so it is a bit impossible to not notice this clan. Anyways, I've been a member of Evolution, so I managed to know some amazing guys from here. I am a returning member (atleast trying to return), and I had an overall very good time in here. Also when I was a member of Evolution, i had great momments with some of you, and I really enjoyed that.
Polybius <3

• How often do you play in game or post on the forums? •
I am getting back to my Toribash activities, so right now it is not really impressive. Anyways, back in the days that I was active, it was 11/10 (atleast in my opinion). I am constantly on Discord, and periodicaly checking the forums on mobile, so I am still pretty active, just not posting in random threads and not involving myself into any types of discussions at the momment.

Oaky <3

• How would others describe your personality? •
This is the most relative question I've ever answered. I don't really know at this point how others see Arakata as a person, but talking by myself, I am equilibrated. It would be nice to recive pms about how some of my friends (or enemies) describe my personality.

Chintu chess boi <3

• Tell us about your experiences in other clans and why Evil might be a better fit. •
I don't remember all the clans I've been in (not like a clan hoper, just lack of memory right now. My 2TB HD is finally full), but the 2 most important clans in my Toribash life were [MAU] - died, but I had a really great time in there. It was a relatively small clan, but damn... definitely the best clan i've been in. And [eVo] - I won't talk about it in here, as usual. Some of you already know, but feel free to hit me up in private.
About Evil, I was having a great time in here, but somethings happened and I've left. Most of you guys already know it, but again, feel free to hit me up in private. I bet that some of you think that what happened wasn't a really big reason to leave the clan, and I must agree with you, but by the other side I was extremely "overloaded" with the things that happened before I joined Evil, so I wasn't able to carry it. I am sorry anyways. I've taken a 1 year break if I am not wrong, and I feel myself like a new person. Not "overloaded" anymore.

rcrichman <3

• Do you have any special skills or talents? We’d like to know about them. •

I do some simple artworks, like minimalistic sets and heads, but my thing is with replaymaking. I like everything about it. I am going to share some of my replays here again. The Spar with Rycardo10 has been done recently, so I was kinda rusty because it was my 2nd spar in 1 year.

• When/if you join, what would be something you’d like to do with us? (wars/conversation/other) •
Everything. That is the keyword. I've had great times when I was a part of Evil in tourneys, discord chat, voice chat, chess with Chintu and just a good chill in-game, so I can say that I am up to anything.

I am Evil
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Clan: Evil

Hello [EVIL], I'm cat4hbk and this is my application to evil!

Why I want to join!. I know a lot of people from evil and i think i would enjoy being in the clan from what i see of you all you seem like pretty chill people who would be pretty easy to hang out with and be around when i can play!

Why me? I think I would be a good pick for a few reasons. For instance, I'm willing to post every day on the forums, though i can only play on the weekends I’d also be willing to help out whenever need be with clan wars or anything else yall think i might be useful for.

Some would describe my personality as light hearted, and not that serious unless i need to be.

I found out about [Evil] through my friend kiwii.

Other Clans
I have been in a few clans, the most notable to me are MAU, Origin, and Ace.
In all 3 I left because they were dying/are dead, I feel that evil won't be dying any time soon with how long it has already been around! I also have a few good friends in the clan so i feel like i would fit in! If i was to join i would like to just hang out, play some fun mods, and maybe war in abd sometimes.

Toribash life
I found toribash back in early 2015 from a youtube video by Nerdcubed, I instantly fell in love with the game and got it, played it for about 2 hours and deleted it, it was boring and all I could do was fall over with no grace or style. A few months later I was bored and wanted to play a game but had no money, so I downloaded toribash again But I forgot my account name and password, so I made cat4hbk, this time I played it long enough to like it!
I love the clans, the wars, most the people after I got used to the moment I liked the way it worked very complex and detailed and the staff, while there have been a few bad staff in the past most of them are really nice people, I don't think I have played another game where the staff and the community are communicating so much.
About me. I am a 19-year-old guy from Mississippi, I work 2 jobs at the moment 1 full-time job at a factory during the day and a part-time job at night cleaning the coca-cola warehouse. Other than this, I don't do too much other than study and go to trade school on some days. I’m going to trade school in order to get my forklift certificate and in hopes of getting promoted to a ‘forklift driver’ at my main job. My home life isn't anything special. I play on my computer most of the time I'm at home, I talk to my family a bit, and I’ll shoot guns or go hunting some days if it gets cold enough. Well, I think that covers about everything I wanted to cover. it is a bit brief but I think it gets the job done pretty well. Thank you for reading my application and I hope to hear back from yall soon! Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I have dyslexia and while I try to make my words look good I might miss a few things.

I am Evil
Proud ex-leader of Ascended
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Hello I'm TheSlimeyGuy ingame i found out about the clan through kiwii while playing and i heard the clan was really active so i'd thought i try joining.

I just got back into toribash after 2 - 3 months of being away but i plan on playing daily now and I don't really post on the forums unless I have a problem ingame or its a specific thing i need to do to talk to someone.

A little bit Goofy combined with a desire to have others see me as crazy I'm not really vulgar at all or harsh toward other people unless i'm joking around with my personal friends.

In the past i ran about like 5 - 6 clans and they always got destroyed by vulgar people looking to cause drama and i've only been in one other clan other than the ones i have created, it didn't turn out well the clan was severely inactive to the point where only one other clan member was on per 2 weeks.

I'm pretty good at judo and wushu but the mods have died out and i'm looking to improve my skills in boxshu and maybe akikdo abd.

Mostly just hang out with other clan members and meet new people that still play this game, also it would be great to rep the clan tag and spread the word about the clan.

I hope you consider me i have been playing for a long time to the point that this account has come over many changes and i have worked hard for my belt and all the things that i own on here

Have a Wonderful Day! No Hard Feelings If I Don't Make It In

I am Evil
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