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Yes. Bye bye Night.
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Greetings, Inquisition!

My name is Rod and I would like to apply for a place in your clan. I've been an active toribash player for quite a few years now. I was the co-leader of an unofficial clan named Quantum and I have spent a pretty long period in Phantom and Metal as well. I recently quit Metal because it's just not as well kept and solid like before. The membership felt pretty erratic and it's really hard to form connections with people in an environment like that.

I'm interested in joining inq because former clanmates like goughy and creation and good people that I have met ingame are in this clan. I've read through some of your threads and everyone seems to be getting along well, that's the main thing that I look for whenever I apply. I don't really care much for other factors like clan ranking an all those other things.

My time zone is GMT +8 and my favorite mods are ABD, Lenshu and spiritwrestling. I'm probably not as good as most of you but I would like to believe that my skills ingame are pretty decent. I have one infraction courtesy of Solax (or maybe it was Ray) for "backseat moderating" a long time ago and I was banned once for a short period because I played a prank on Ultimation. I registered an account named UIltimation (with an i) and followed him into every room and copied all his moves. He didn't know it was me so he reported me believing that I was a hacker lol. I have 2 more accounts but I quit using them because I got tired of the usernames, those accounts are downstem and brainface.

Now, a bit more personal details about me. I'm in my 20's and I work as graphic artist for an ad agency here in Manila (my city). I spend most of my free time collecting records, watching horror films and making textures.

I'm very active ingame and in the forums. My post count is pretty low but that's only because I don't feel the need to raise it by spamming and making useless posts. I'm the type that would dick around in irc but not in threads.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm not sure if I left anything out but feel free to ask me questions if you feel the need to. Thanks for your time, guys. peaceout.
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Originally Posted by illv View Post
dick around in irc

We're waiting for you in #claninq.

I like your application, we (the evil inq overlords) will discuss it further in private.
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_insert_username_here_ is my bestest best friend
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Hmm, don't know him personally, doesn't seem too bad to me.

I'm pretty apathetic on this one. Maybe if he comes in irc he could have more of a chance, and we'll get to know him.

Also someone pm me the private board pass again please, I forgot it ;o
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I feel like I remember you from somewhere... We must have talked before or something.

Anyways, if my memory serves me right, you're a pretty cool guy. Solid app as well. We'll see what happens.
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Thanks for the quick response, guys. I agree that I should spend some time in irc to get to know all of you. I met eightah and bust3r last night.

Thanks for the very kind words, fancy. I really didn't expect that you would remember me. I met you a long time ago, I think it was early last year.
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Never really met you before, but you seem pretty cool based off of your application. Come in IRC whenever and highlight me, I'd like to chat with you a bit. Or play ingame, I'm always up for that.
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Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
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illv, I just have a question for you before final decisions. How active do you plan on being? I notice that your activity seems to jump around a bit.
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lightning kid, yeah, I had a lot of problems with time in the past because I used to have a job that required me to travel a lot - usually into places with horrible internet service. I planned on quitting toribash a year ago because of that, but I have a normal job now in the city so stable activity wont be a problem for me anymore. I plan on being as active as possible, around 3 to 4 hours a day after work.
Thanks, Ape! You're right, I don't recall meeting you before. I'm usually in the abd tournament nowadays because that server is always full and a lot of people that I know go there. I'll /sa you whenever I'm ingame.

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If you don't use stupid emoji smiley faces, then I'm accepting of you.
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