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Projecting copious rhyme forces
In conjunction with the elements
Follows within the slipstream are
Paradigms taking there course
Ready to leave the scene hit
With a steady release of deadly
Energies unleashed upon man
Ripped up wide open torn
Be the land on it's final stand
As the Earth suffers the curse
From the worst MCs with weak
Speech gathering now in
The midst of the shattering
As they watched the sea part
From the
Techniques too ill for the minds
Who can't get their pages filled
I'm leaving lines wrecked with
The skills of a cold case intent
Inventions from an underground
Genius*has got you
Tripping on this onslaught
Barrage of sound with the heavy
Type, style gone wild coming with
Supreme excellence forming
In the guise of*a paradise for
The flowing fluids in*your head
Materializing daggers in the size
Of vapors make their way into
Your lungs lacerations causes
Flooding so you drown on your
Blood, light fades then your done
With this masquerade hacked
Up and chopped then labeled a
Fake at the end of the day you're
Taken through the frays of this
Verbal warfare now*surrounded
By the night envenomed caltrops
And darts soar through the
Dark paralysis*motor skills
Stricken dumb with what was then
Revealed as I'm making brain cell
Sparks and images envision this
A man on a mission to finish this
And it
Isn't*looking good for half assed
MCs shook
Just like a rook I took you out
From across town
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