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Originally Posted by Larfen View Post
For J-pop, I don't listen to much, but there is some that I really enjoy, like Soutaiseiriron and Shiina Ringo.

What are some of your favorite artists in the genre that I could check out?

Well, I had to do a lot of digging to find these:

^ I believe that the acts in these 2 links are submissions for a competition specifically targeting younger musicians. There's a lot more in the related videos list if you want to check out more, or just pm me.
now, these ones are a lot more predictable in the whole jpop genre, but they kinda grew on me for some reason:
lastly, I'm not sure if it counts as 'jpop', it's labelled as enka, but it's very good and i listen to her quite a lot:
p.s. this is a kpop band, but you might like them since they sound a bit like Soutaiseiriron:
p.p.s. I forgot about these:
ok i'll stop now

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Thanks dude, I'll check these out definitely. The first one you linked especially
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