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Old Dec 16, 2017   #21
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change your password to something random which you'll forget and never come back.
then uninstall the game.
go to school.
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Originally Posted by Tabby View Post
change your password to something random which you'll forget and never come back.
then uninstall the game.
go to school.

I tried that once, ended up asking creation to reset it

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Old Dec 17, 2017   #23
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just hide it in a complicated area on your laptop and play something else.
take a break from toribash and enjoy hanging out with your friends.
play another thing.
same thing is happening to me but i get through so yeah.
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We can't do much for you. If you're suffering from a behavioural addiction (which this pretty much is) and you can't beat it on your own, you might well have to seek help from other people in your life, or even professionals. Either that, or take the hits on the chin and learn from them. We all do and have done dumb things, and sooner or later, there will be consequences. I nearly got kicked out of high school (or the danish equivalent) for being too lazy to do my math papers; as a result, i ended up having a hell week with 8 normally-weekly papers to do in 5 days. That was a merciful outcome.

Think about it this way: If you get the papers out of the way first, you can play games in good conscience afterwards. If you don't have time to play games afterwards then you did the right fucking thing by prioritizing homework. Trust me, if you let it pile up, it ONLY gets worse. Looming homework adds stress, and what do you do when you're stressed? Not homework. In the end, you'll have shovelled such a colossal mountain of shit in front of yourself that you eventually can't shove it any further, and you have no other option than to take a deep breath and dive through, at least if you want to keep going forward. For the record, that's a nasty situation to be in, so don't let it get that far.
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take whatever you play toribash on and throw it against the nearest wall as hard as possible repeatedly until you can't distinguish that it was a PC/laptop.
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When you lose match cut yourself you will die or stop playing ez
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Personal thanks to everyone that didn't say something stupid like smurf did, truly appreciated. I'm actually trying to seek some help and to get a lil job, thread was really useful. Closing
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