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Toribash World Championships info
So apparently this is a thing, could a thread be pinned in the news section describing what it is and what the criteria for qualifying is.


From the season 5 announcement thread:

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you can convert awards to cash, there's people who buy these such awards in tc which later then you can sell the tc for cash either way.
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Well it seems unanimous that people think it would be beneficial for information on worlds to come out soon not a month before it starts.

The communication is really terrible in these suggestion threads, in fact im not even sure anyone knows who is responsible for filling that role. Looks like its Sir or Tinnerr

-- We are 5 seasons in, are all these seasons valid for qualifying?
-- How many points are required to "qualify"
-- What alternative ways are there to qualify besides ranked (e.g. tournaments for points?)

This is some of the shit that needs answering

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I am taking the handle of this.
By tomorrow I will be sending private messages to the top 16 placed players of last 3 seasons and invite them to participate into the World Championship 2018.
Once we get a number of how many of these invited players will participate, we will open up inscriptions to everyone else (on early november most probably) for those people who couldn't make it to top 16 on any of the past 3 seasons.

So, to answer your questions in the last post:

-- Seasons 2, 3 and 4.
-- Top 16 players, of course we already filtered out alt accounts playing on the same season or inbetween them.
-- Inscriptions will be open in about a month.

We are sorry for the misunderstanding and for the lack of communication from our side lately, working towards this.
If you got any other question about this, ask away.
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