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symmetrical boomhits are my fetish. how you managed to do that so smoothly and quickly i will never know. absolutely buttery!
your pose however needs work. the bent lumbar helps with balance, but it looks almost.. noobish i guess? just my own opinion though, nothing to take to heart.

here's my first good tricking in multiplayer i'm finally starting to improve, plus a staff replay!

i should mention that the whole tricking was done in 10 tf )))
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Staff: sure is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen in this game. Your control over the staff is amazing! Not only being able to never lose grip of it, you even managed to keep a continuous flow and high speed. Absolutely perfect, the transitions of the staff all over your body is my favorite thing in this replay.

-1 point because of the static arms before corking though, but that's completely understandable

tricking mp: at first nothing is special about it, the first setup looked ok but really well done, first trick didn't impress me much as well. After your scoot everything looks way smoother.

The scoot to cork thing deserves a highlight, but the whole thing is really good for a mp replay :^) good stuff

most recent wip of my spar, I can predict some bad cnc's due to slowness, stiffness and lack of control, and you can tell me that anyways. But I think the fighting itself is actually going well, except for the lack of contact (I can't fix that anyways, I don't know how to balance anymore).

My favorite thing in this replay and the reason I'm posting it is the tumble I did, I'm really proud of myself
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File Type: rpl selfspar #4 (v0.2).rpl (1.07 MB, 3 views)
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I like that.
The only thing is...i feel like there's some lack of action. It'd be better if your moves were swifter and you managed to do more action. It feels like it's more of a tricking replay.
But some stuff i'm in love with: That lil spin kick you did before 1117, that god damn sick spin at 834, and that flip at 627.

And that's just it i can say, rest is ok at my eyes.
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