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a thread so disapointing you will want to die
bad replays from worse player

comment cnc im getting lonely
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Opener started out decent and seemed like it was heading in a good direction. The first kick looked like you were trying to go for the glutes for a DM, and the arm ripping off doesn't look like a product of the kick, just the force.

I'm a bit Oldschool so grabs are alright with me, however the execution of them is vital. After the first kick everything becomes very held, and doesn't flow very well. You also rely on grabbing a lot, which is a no no by today's standards(again not that I care for todays standards).

The last half of the replay just seems unnecessary to me if I'm honest, I would have ended it at around the 500 frame mark. I also didn't care much for the skeet as it had no flare and was run of the mill, and could've been better executed.

Try to relax a bit more, dont fully extend joints and use momentum to your advantage. think out what you want to do in your head and make it so. The more you make replays the more knowledge you gain about what joint movements will do. and how to maintain fluidity.

This replay I'd rate a 3/10, but I would like to see you work on what I told you and post some more replays.

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