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Not allowing players to cherry pick mods (ranked)
See thread

Staff would rather fob this off under a technicality that it isn't a "bug" well was it intended? Let's make 2 threads for the same issue instead of addressing it.

The problem is if you can pick what mod you want to play your win rate will end up much higher than someone who is playing all 3 mods. Players should HAVE to play all the mods as this is a more accurate gage of skill.
It is very self explanatory yet some people can't get there head around it.

The only defense i've heard so far is from players who don't like TK so don't think they should play it. Well i don't like ABD, if i wanted i could only play lenshu vs noobs and get a 100 percent win rate, does this really = skill?

- The solution would be to put the mods on a truly random rotation, not in a cycle. This would at least make it harder to cherry pick.
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100% agreed. There will always be a preference of which mod a player is best/worst in.

Letting a player decide what mod to play and what mods to disregard leaves him with an unfair advantage and a ridiculously annoying player to be matched against.
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I mean in theory you're correct -- this is an exploit and should be fixed. But (as far as I can tell, unless I'm missing something huge) doing this at BEST gives you a somewhat better chance of winning ONE game for an extended period of time.

The idea that someone can exploit this hinges on 1.) a (good) player having enough time in a ranked room either a.) completely alone or b.) with someone else who is either AFK or has agreed to allow you to rotate the room, and 2.) that when someone else does join, you play ONE match, potentially win, and then you're probably stuck with another mod you don't like.

If you try to dodge the mod(s) you don't like and spec before you get roped into a game, you then have to wait until everyone else minus one person leaves the room so you can cycle again (if one person is still in the queue, you can only cycle once before you start forfeiting games anyway).

I just don't see how this is an effective elo farming strategy. If you're not good at most of the mods, you still can't win that many games, and trying to find ways to ONLY play the one mod might give you a 100% win rate, but almost no elo because you can only play one game every two hours. Either I'm missing something huge, or you just noticed something that IN THEORY could cause some small problems or inconvenience.

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Well I think it could be used effectivley by spectating after you played the mod of your choice. You could play a fairly large amount of games if it was just 1 or 2 other players in the lobby. But potentially not given the points you made about the penalty. But I don't think this matters to much.

I feel the biggest issue is that the ranking system isn't a 100% equal playing field even if a player exploits this for just 10% of their games. If Toribash want to attract players to the competitive side then it needs to be a credible system in order for players to invest time playing it.

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Old Sep 27, 2018   #5
Toribash Dev
Mods will only rotate after a valid fight (at least one round) with next game server update. Should be live on Monday.
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Nice solution sir u cummed 2 your senses
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