Toribash World Championship 2019
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I'm sure that this has been mentioned before (probably not)

So about the 3D items, textures etc that you can buy on the forums, I feel like that there needs to be better images for them, showing us what we are buying, because what we have atm, the images are either too small or the image is too zoomed in on the 3D item that the 3D item itself is cut out of the image...

Either bigger images or maybe a website that has a 3D image of your Tori or the default Tori (it doesn't matter i guess) with the Item on, kind of like Hagan's ToribashTextures website he made, (which is super helpful, you're a genius btw if you see this <3)

I could add much more about this but i think that this should be clear enough about what i'm talking about, if not, then ask cheers.
All icons for items are manually added so all of the 3D items [which I can't even count how many exist] must be edited to fit a "better image", and this site is already limited by this...amazing...vBulletin from...2009......IMO changing sites is too much to ask for so...JavaScript would be a great solution, and it could even add the feature of 3D texturing on-the-site to see how any texturable item would look like without having to load it in-game.

The reason I said JS is cause things like a 3D viewer are pretty easy to make, and having it under the item's torishop page as an interactive 360' viewer with the body part it is on/replacing, would be far more revealing than just icons. It's possible and not heavy-tasking, but doubt it would happen anytime soon. It would also add more work for the Item Forgers since whenever they wanna publish an item, they would now have to factor in adding a 3D bodypart with the model, save it as a separate model, learn to code to replace the model and texture, upload it to the site and then announce the item.

I also suggested for the entire 3D torishop section to be redesigned with columns, which can add in more higher quality images, but my idea was elevated late December of 2016 and uh...the shop hasn't changed at the slightest ever since. We have organized items by groups and types, so why can't we have the same for 3D items?

But ye we need to change the 3D section of the torishop even if it is 128x128 icons or a 3D viewer pls F(55/100) is better than nothing(0/100) on a reports card thanks.

Also most of the images you see on the site, like banners and item icons, are uploaded to cache.toribash storage rather than imgur soo...that might be a size limiting factor too?