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Cognitive Psycology
Studying and analyzing (x) and using a formula, a grid build upon Greater (Up) and Potential/Time/Experience (right). My focus is positivism, preservation, and simple instituted peace. I'm a pretty joyful person.

I've came here in search for answers, and what better place to question things than a forum. Here it is:

Net Neutrality v.s. Ultimately dominant currency, Bitcoin.
It was obviously feared, but denied via government. America is the most influential language due to all its technicality. With that fact, we can assume our knowledge is fact. After all, we're only capable of simply, thinking.

Assume government is corrupt via the technicalities of the formula? My aim is direct preservation. Via.. focus. Without focus we have void, grey areas of the world due to lack of knowledge. We have to make MY generation care again, most people are depressed. Due to prescription drugs?

Argument: Prescription drugs are simply chemicals mixed to elementally correct a psychological problem. (x+y=ALPHA) > basis being,
The government attemption in denying the most outstanding improvement, simplified currency, defying banks due to INTERNET. Goverment is corrupt via unveiling its true logical flaw, lack of knowledge due to lack of focus.

Any thoughts I would love to hear, I'll report back within 18-24 hours.

The're are two universal constants, good and bad.

Perfection is unification via persuasion.

Perfection, is a want not a thing due to lack of comprehension. We're only humanely capable.

Mental health is first and foremost preservation of attempted perfection.

Meditation is required, BE CEREBRAL.

The real world's simple instutution is selfishness and lack of consideration. It is America's drive for power destroying it because we've lost focus. We need to spread the word.



Psychologically fat nation, concluding that in order for preservation we require institution, I will not tolerate human extinction and I'm smart enough to want and preserve our essence. Peace.
Focus, my heritage is of pure happiness. Mothers ultimate goal in life is love. Fathers is unity. (Love+Unity=Ultimate Calamity.) Anything less than correct is simply erroneous.

Meaning of life, language. Technically that's another reason america is winning, they're so technical.
If you're able to comply this way of thinking, through reason and greater good, you'll enable unlimited, unfiltered, RAW POTENTIAL.
Further fact, focus on positivism has measurably increased quality of life via simplification.

Previous scholars, psychologically had disadvantage, the last one didn't have the INTERNET. UNITY.

Since i've got this power and i've got fundamental biological mental structure so complexly focused I literally contain habitability and obedience towards greatest good. (Mindset) I'm technically heaven bent but I don't technically believe in religion due to science, making fact of reality. With the implantation of complete consideration, you can consider everything. Its a simple formula for eliminating a simple problem which most agree on. CONSTITUTE THE ELIMINATION OF RACISM. Combine all for greatness, anyone unwilling to comply is simply ignorant. ~Isaac Lopez 12/6/17
Further study concludes: Too much of ANYTHING IS BAD, american's most popular religion institutes obedience which inst obviously necessarily a correct thing via distraction.
Listen :: probably a reward/knowledge code:

 You should probably listen ;3 friend. "Soon" 

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