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Tori-Santa 2017

Welcome, everyone, to Tori-Santa, a Christmas event hosted by the Event Squad!
It is the season of giving (and eating too much as I always find) and I know that there isn't a single one of you out there who would say they don't like receiving presents which is why this event is so enjoyable for everyone.

In this event, everyone participating will be given the name of another participant. The person's name that you receive is the name of the person that you will be playing Santa Clause for.

Sound good? Alright!
To participate in this event all you have to do is post in this thread between now and the 23rd of December. I'll put you on the nice list and then match you all together.

Once you are told who you are sending to, it is important not to tell them or anyone else that you are their Santa because it will ruin the surprise. Now all you have to do is plan what you will give them and wait until Christmas day (25/12). Once Christmas day comes around you will have 3 days to send your presents to the person that you have been given. Don't worry, someone out there got a PM, in the spirit of the season and hope that your Santa is just as generous.

One account per person.
Entry to this event closes on the 23rd of December.
Names will be sent between the 23rd and the 25th.
Gift sending starts on Christmas day or the 25th of December.
Failure to send the presents by the 29th of December will result in a week-long ban.
There is no minimum sending value but you must send something. Be generous with the spirit of the season!
You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why. Because you'll be ignored.

The nice list can be found just below in the case that you are fretting if your post went unnoticed for some reason.

Nice List

Well, that's it. Have fun and remember to thank your Santa afterward!
Remember, I'm probably checking my list twice.


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me pls
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Sign me up, I'm in and ready.
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Sign me up!
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Originally Posted by Nugget View Post
thanks kozmo you're very encouraging!

Im sure you wont quit after the event is over like i did
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im in it!
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hi i am in
Creati0n forced me to change my forum set :(

i joined es cuz i'm the literal worst
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Put me on that nice list santa (sign me up)
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im in
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Alright, lets do this.
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