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[TBA] | [CLASSROOM] | [R] Replay Making

Replay Making

This is the home of the replay makers in Toribash. Replay making is all about the showmanship of your craft, and understanding the joints and movement you make in a very precise and accurate way. Here, we can break down each movement into a science and give you the guidelines to follow when learning Replay Making. From madmans, parkour, MAS, and more; you can learn it here. Periodically lessons, tutorials and content will be posted here for you guys.
You can also post teacher/lesson requests in this thread.

The format is as follows:

Subject: {Ex. Madmans, Parkour, Sparring, MAS, Tricking, other.}

Question/Request: {This just gives us a starting point, describe your problems or questions as best you can}

A replay attatchment is encouraged as a visual refference.

After you've submitted your Request a Teacher will follow up with you.
Be sure to check the times to see the best times for our teachers

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[TBA] Sparring 101
What is Sparring?

Sparring is the concept of incorporating realism and realistic based moves in a fight. The goal is to look "normal", or as if it's possible to do the same in real life. Sparring is more than just landing hits or grabbing the opponent, it's about learning the tori, understanding the joints and how they relate to each other, and how they can be used to move respectively. It's about both partners practicing their moves and it can take place in a variety of mods. Most time the mod is going to be xspar.tbm, but sparring can happen in any mod and is also different for every mod. Remember, its a spar so things like DQ, DM, and Fracs should be off.

How to Spar: Where to Begin

In a spar, knowledge is the most valuable thing you can have and it's the biggest advantage you can have. Knowing your situation and the resources you need to handle it will help develop your skills, there are no shortcuts. There's a lot of tips and tricks, but also hundreds of variations of every move, this is why learning a move step by step can slow your learning without a proper concept in place. The best way to look at sparring from my experience is from a "more or less" point of view. You should look at a move and think how can I go faster or slower, go higher or lower. After a bit of time doing this, it'll make you feel more comfortable in general. The idea is that you want to have variations of every move, You don't want to be forced to play uncomfortably, so knowing some alternations between your moves can help stop a bad thing. Instead of doing something completely new, you can use something you know to crutch; so if I learned a YouTube run, now I should play with different variations to make my own. The more you explore your options the better. It's like a tool you're adding to your tool bag. You may have several different wrenches, but only a couple will work in certain situations and some tools can be used for different things too; whereas the wrenches are moves for us. Once you start feeling comfortable you should be able to step out of the box some and play with new moves. This is what will define you as a sparrer, each person has their own unique or "custom" way of approaching certain things, but you don't want to stray too far from the basics. Always learn the proper form and then make it unique once you understand it. The people that skip this usually develop some bad habits, and bad habits are always hard to break.

Don't be afraid to take your time on things, most spar based mods have a much higher and often times unlimited reaction time. You have plenty of chance to play around with joints, so don't rush yourself. This is pretty important on setups and foot placement. Take the opportunity to play a bit. timing is another vital thing in spar, as long as you have the right timing of when and where to move joints, you will be stable and solid in most fights

Here are some example threads to review that:
Mocucha ~ Running
Brains10 ~ Running
Mocucha - How to Spar
Nagato ~ How to Spar


Your style is dependent on your interests, if you are more formal with aikido your style may involve a lot of those techniques. Its best to pick something you know already, so that you have a good idea what exactly your tori needs to do to perform that move. Nothing says, if you are new to fighting, or just want to explore something fresh, that you can't do a style completely new to you. It may make it a longer process but it could be more fun depending on the person. Styles can really get complex after you learn the basics. you can work on combining your knowledge and using everything you know all the time, or you can be moderate only using what you need. There's also a lot of variation between those two poles, and how aggressive or passive you use your techniques defines who you are as a fighter. Other opponents have styles also, and you want to pay attention to them, understand them and the advantages/disadvantages they have toward you. Styles are as diverse as personality and every person has their similarities and differences, the more people you fight, the more aware you will be in picking out these styles and be able to combat them.

Here are some examples of some styles you can bring into sparring:
~ Aikido
~ Aikijutsu
~ American Kenpo
~ Arnis
~ Baguazhang
~ Bartitsu
~ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
~ Boxing
~ Capoeira
~ Kickboxing
~ Hapkido
~ Judo
~ Jujutsu
~ Karate
~ Kajukenbo
~ Krav Maga
~ Lethwei
~ Muay Thai
~ Pencak Silat
~ Sambo
~ Sanshou
~ Savate
~ Sumo
~ Taekwondo
~ Tai chi
~ Vovinam
~ Wrestling
~ Wing Chun
~ Xing Yi Quan
~ Chun Kuk Do
~ Jeet Kune Do
~ Shooto
~ Shorinji Kempo
~ Systema
~ Unifight


Co-op is all about the replay value and training qualities, just dependent on the goal at the time. In a co-op spar communication and talk is really key, and its a much more relaxed environment to explore ideas and be creative with your approaches. You want to find a good 'partner' for these types of things, you want someone committed to following fair standards that you both agree on before the match starts. You want to be sure you are both ready for every move because you guys aren't trying to kill each other, only look as if you are.

Competition is all about the W. Its easy to get carried away and it recommended to focus on competition later after you've established your foundation. The pressure of winning can make you move in ways that you wont normally and destroy your realism if you don't control yourself. Develop your skill before you show them off. If it's a comp spar, realism still applies, however communication is much more limited. You don't have to hate each other, but moves don't need to be telegraphed and you don't have to confirm your hits.

Basic etiquette:

Communicate and know what the spar is gonna be about.
Be respectful, don't cheap shot if it's a co-op.
If you need help, tell your partner. It'll help you both if you both know what's going on.
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