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So many poeple to choose from..
But ofc Juhizz because he is juhizz and juhizz is the coolest guy.
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no u
Swexx and Largekilla

its kinda self-explanatory lmfao
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Diamond - He or she is my tb inspiration and reasons why I struggle to be good ( Is she actually a girl or what?)
Reno - He's a good friend and my ABD partner
Xeneizear - He's also a good friend fun to play with and to talk with
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C. If the Original Post is a question, do not just reply with just an answer, but also explain your answer.

Whenever posting in this thread, make sure that whenever you provide a name of someone you like you also explain why you like that person. While this thread isn't implicitly formatted like a question, it asks for you to explain.

Further posts that are useless, contain idle chit-chat, or do not explain their answer will be warned/infracted.
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wow ok meanie head

i will start listing off people not in any particular order


amazing dude, great guy to spar or just talk to. one of the two people i ever spar anymore. and he has a baby. babies are great.


i love him. no one else can love him he's mine. my alltime replay inspiration and continues to impress me with his replay prowess to this day. the other guy i ever spar anymore.

DDos + Creati0n

p cool dudes. they suck at toribash but they play other games too xd

Dezrai + Fudgiebalz

best buds man. i lied when i only spar xioi and oblivion. these guys were just fun to play with, even if we werent sparring. dez and fudgie are great replaymakers too.


ive only talked to him twice, but his replays are so stylish. possibly the most stylish toribash replays have ever been.




wait did i say oblivion already
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arrow or carlosvendetto (arrow)
mostly csgo now ;) gmt +8 around 10-11pm .. twice or mayb 0 a week. cause i hate playing with toxic people (solo queue :/)
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