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My name is Neos0345.
I am fourteen years old.
I am a brown belt.
I am on the forum for about two days every week.
I play the game basically every other day if not more.
I played Toribash about two years ago and forgot my login so i created another one at the beginning of September this year.
Well I was originally born in California, but now I live in Arkansas. I also really enjoy a challenge because a game is no fun without a challenge.
I want to join because I know a few people in the clan and the clan(Vision) that I was in disbanded.
My top two favorite mods are katana and boxshu mushu.
I have discord my i.d. is Neos0345#6608
Sadly I don't have any replays to show you.
No matter if you accept this or decline I respect your opinion.
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Clan: Budo


I am docdraco2. I go by Davey in real life.

I am sixteen.

I am a 4th Dan Black Belt, as of writing this.

I go on the forums only usually when I'm playing Toribash or updating textures.

I play Toribash quite a bit, but I do play other games and go to school. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate myself an 8.

I've been playing since 2014. I do quite a bit of sparring/MAS nowadays, but
I'm still in touch with official mods like aikido (and its many, many forms) and taekkyon. I also occasionally make mods.

My life is filled with trial and error - mostly error.

I want to join this clan because my buddy, Firdeath, is in it. I figured he was a good example of the people in this clan - friendly and competent.

My favorite mods are aikido.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, most of what Binklawz makes, and virtually any spar/MAS mod.

I have a Discord (daveyzejones#9767[/SPOILER])

I will post some semi-decent replays down below. I have no replays for aikido or taekkyon, but I'm available for testing sometimes - if you take this submission into consideration, we could work out a date (and perhaps a backup, just in case) for testing.
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Clan: zero

Both of you are accepted check your clan invites
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dog food
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Clan: Pyramid

My name is ASFALL (real name is Justus Benard Spillman)
I'm currently 13 (Yes I'm young)
I'm a black belt
I'm occasionally on fourms
I play toribash for most of the day
I'm pretty alright. I have beaten a numerous amount of dan black belts
I currently live in California, where I then moved to the Philippines when I was 6, then come back here when I was 10.
I love working with other people and have been waiting to join a clan since I got to green belt. I just like being a part of a group/clan in any game in that matter.
I usually play akido and greykido, I will sometimes spar, and I also play in mushu, wushu, and boxshu sometimes.
I don't really use discord anymore.
Thank you for reading this application.
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4th Dan Black Belt
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Age:15 years

Belt:2nd dan black belt

Forum activity:i'm Dont much activie in forum but in market yes xD

Ingame activity:Ingame I'm much activie

Toribash experience:I'm good i guess

About your life:
I am Brazilian, I already had 2 clans, lucid Cla and ProjectK I really like games but mainly toribash I love music I intend to learn to play some instrument in the future I still do not speak English fluent but I understand a lot, I write bad English, I know a few acronyms I'm using google translator xD I really like using emotes.

Why do you want to join:
I'd like to join the clan because I know it's good and I also like the clan's name

Favorite mods:Mushu,judo,Stunts_Jumps_Parkour,Boxshu.

Do you have Discord,Skype:I have the two but i like much discord(Ti0k1llu4#1962)

Thx for reading my APP
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Forum activity:i do nothing on forum
Ingame activity:i just kick butt
Toribash experience:i have play for a few years with a three year break
About your life:im awsome at guitar,drums and toribash
Why do you want to join:i wish do be in another clan to help out with stuff
Favorite mods:all the aikido ones
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Black Belt
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Name:False111 (Nacho)
Belt:Brown (almost black 970 QI)
Forum activity:Im active in the forum when i want to buy or download content
Ingame activity:Im very active in toribash (I got brown belt in 3 months)
Toribash experience:I have a lot of exp on toribash AND his clans
About your life:Im just a gamer dat only games toribash but. i ran out of time cause i go to a multitechnique school
Why do you want to join:I wanna join because i wanna join a real clan dat doesnt dies when im into it and i wanna be powerful like everyone here
Favorite mods:Aikido ABD Mushu (boxshu) and xspar
Do you have Discord,Skype:I have both but i use more discord
Replays (Optional):
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My application Hello I am 14 my belt is brown but changes color in 123 fights My activity on the forum and in the game are the same as when I'm at stake. my life: I start the strategic game at 7 years old is in the world of work I am part of very intelligent people I would like to join because I will be able to bring good things to your clan and I would like a group that will help me to improve even more. Being in your clan and my dream! My favorite mode is his akido, akidobigdojo and I started judo I was in the bionic but I left because it was a Russian clan. I have discord and I am already in your clan: H | Ω ilyes # 9006 Excuse me I'm traveling tomorrow and I will be able so if you accept or wait to test me I'll be there in a week. Best wishes and good luck to your magnificent clan.
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2nd Dan Black Belt
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My name in toribash is krazyk9 I'm not willing to tell my real name at this point
Im 12 years old at the moment.
im brown belt nearly black belt
im not that active on forum however im very active in game
about my life I'm a small streamer and I play piano guitar and I play games.
I've played toribash for a year pretty much and im not the most experienced player
i want to join again because when i left there was no clans for me to be in i want to be able to be in clan wars again
my favourite mods are Boxshu, akido and judo
I have discord and my name in discord is MrDoggo
woof woof

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Name:My real name is ¨Camilo¨. My toribash name is relyc2010.
Belt:Green. (i have at least 5 years playing, but in multiple accs.)
Forum activity:Nothing in this acc.
Ingame activity:Usually i get some streaks.
Toribash experience:I used to be a black belt. Idk, i never joined a clan before, but i´d like to join this one.
About your life:I play piano, guitar and some flute.I am From Colombia, so, i am spanish. I am addicted to this game. lol.
Why do you want to join:Because your clan looks like an opportunity to progress.
Favorite mods:Aikido and Judo
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